Tonys 2019: Billy Porter did THAT

Posted on June 10, 2019


Once again, Mr. Porter has stepped out onto that red carpet and redefined male style. It’s something he keeps doing with alarming regularity. Having said that, you better brace yourself if you haven’t seen this in all its glory yet.





Some context:

“For the past two years, former stage manager Jennifer Kahn of Scenery has been manufacturing handbags, clutches, and now bangles from recycled curtains and show decks. When Kinky Boots announced its closing date, Kahn stepped up her game. “I reached out to [RRR Creative, who handles Porter’s styling] and said, ‘We’re getting the Kinky Boots Milan curtains, do you want to do something with Billy?’” Kahn says.”

This complicates things somewhat.


The thing is, we don’t like this. We don’t think this is a good design. We are absolutely supportive of Billy’s ongoing mission to queer the world’s red carpets the fuck up and we will never not applaud a celebrity man who isn’t afraid to use his platform to question our ideas of masculinity and presentation. We support this look. We just don’t like it.

As we’ve said many a time when the ladystars have attempted to make them work, skirt/pant hybrids never truly work as a garment or design element. The shape and proportions here are just odd. And unlike his previous manskirting on the red carpet, this looks a bit sloppy and haphazard. We love the idea of a red velvet suit/gown made out of the final curtain from his most famous stage performance, but that awful lower half and the use of pink satin as an accent do not make for an outrageously fun or chic look. We want to love this, but we just can’t.



Style Credits:
– Custom Celestino Couture Dress
– Custom Emm Kuo Velvet Embellished Bag
– Oscar Heyman Jewelry
– Custom Orel Brodt Shoes

Styled by Sam Ratelle | Grooming La Sonya Gunter | Nails by Courtney Foster

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Celestino Couture/Instagram]

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