Friday Leftovers for the Week of April 28th, 2019

Posted on May 03, 2019




Alexander Skarsgård

JESUS NO. We were all set to accept the Mr. Rogers cardigan until we got to the Michael Jackson feet.



Ashanti in Escada

This is kind of fun but the white blouse and pumps come off a little jarring. And the belt looks like the Entertainment Tonight logo.



Chace Crawford

Cute and well-coordinated casualness. Not really feeling the white shoes, though.



Elle Fanning in Alexander McQueen

This looks more like something Dakota would wear, but it looks great on her.



Julianne Moore

It’s just okay. We have no problem with a basic blouse and pants. The collar’s kind of weird, though.



Karlie Kloss in Dior

Low-key chic. So low-key that it would look like a nun’s habit if it didn’t have that neckline.



Kelly Clarkson in Christian Siriano

This is pretty fun. We don’t love the design of those sleeves but we figure this is the right event for something whimsical like that.



Kristin Chenoweth and Adam Rippon

She looks great. She should indulge in sleek minimalism a little more. She likes fussier styles normally, but because she’s small, they’re not always friendly to her. He’s fine from the waist up but those pants are tragically ill-fitted. We realize he’s got a much larger-than-normal bottom half due to years of skating, but those things are practically leggings on him.



Logan Browning in Claudia Li

We hate the effect around the hem but we love the way the flowers are used on the jacket.



Mindy Kaling in Adeam

WAY too much lace peeking out from hems and cuffs lately. It’s a cute dress otherwise but we don’t like that element at all.



Naomi Watts in Valentino


How did the choice of those booties come about? How does someone look at THAT dress and think THOSE things are the right way to go?




Nicholas Hoult

Another cute and coordinated casual menswear look. The boys are doing well this week.



Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan

We don’t know his style well enough to be certain, but we think he’s pretty much always working in this extremely low-key, businesslike style. Which is a bit of a shame because she does really well with twee looks like this one and the two styles don’t blend well. He looks like he’s at a father-daughter dance. Not because she looks too young but because his suit makes him look awfully stuffy next to her. Loosen it up a little, Paul. You can work some hipster menswear. Look for more color and pattern in your suiting.



Queen Latifah

She looks very comfortable.




Rami Malek

This is standard, could-serve-it-in-his-sleep RamiWear.

Works for us.



Sarah Paulson

This appears to be the week where everyone wore white or light-colored footwear that we wound up hating. The rest of the look is great, if a little surprisingly conventional coming from her. But those things look like socks.



Viola Davis

Miss Viola, on the other hand, can keep her outer space sneakers on. No, they don’t go with the coat, but they’re fun as hell.



Zoë Kravitz

Hey, you know? Some days you’re just not feeling it. Still, we’ll give her points for the pants, which are fun.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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