Style File: Nicholas Hoult Goes From Cazh to Formal, Stays Pretty the Whole Time

Posted on April 30, 2019

Hey! You look like you could use some pictures of a pretty, pretty man modeling clothing while he promotes his latest movie!



Nicholas Hoult at Kiss Radio Studios in London

Here we have the “I’m ready for my radio interview” ensemble. You really only need two things for this to work: An eye-catching statement piece that does all the sartorial heavy lifting and a cup of coffee. In regards to the former, that jacket is, to use a highly technical fashion term you probably wouldn’t understand, SUH-WEET.

Seriously, we keep eyeing up the lightweight suede jackets. We probably waited too long to get one for spring, but that means we have all summer to decide on our new fall jacket.




Nicholas Hoult in Burberry at the “Tolkien” London Premiere

And here you have the PRIMO example of how to wear a banker’s suit without looking like you’re heading off to work at a bank. We’ve gone on record plenty of times for not loving the trend toward low-contrast or matching tie-and-shirt sets, but this is absolutely gorgeous. The interplay between all the stripes is sharp, stylish and visually interesting in a way plain old business suiting could never be. We just wish he’d shaved.





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Second Look: Burberry Striped Ensemble from the Spring 2019 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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