Oscars 2019 Countdown: Regina King-ology

Posted on February 21, 2019

We’re continuing our look at the awards season red carpetry of the actress nominees to see how they’ve evolved and/or whether we can make any predictions about their choices for the Main Event. Next up is probably the easiest of the entries, Miss Regina “Never Wrong” King.



Regina King in Jenny Packham at the Governors Awards

And right off the bat, very early in the game, we can see her getting one almost wrong. Or at least, not as right as her later efforts. Not that this is bad – except in the fit of the bust, which is clearly not working for her –  but it’s mainly just a little off from what feels like her truer style. The sexed-up grandiosity of this one doesn’t feel like it truly represents her. Not that we know her, of course.



Regina King in Valentino at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards

But in all of her looks going forward, there’s a much greater sense of consistency and elements. For one, she shows a preference for some coverage more often than not. She also clearly has a life of bold looks that make an immediate impact.



Regina King in Valentino at the AFI Awards

And she’s not unwilling to go in an unexpected direction or to utilize color stories you might not see all that often. Although it has to be said that, as strong and bold as this look is, she took a sharp turn toward a very consistent look after this.



Regina King in Zac Posen at the National Board of Review Awards Gala

Old Hollywood Glam. Somewhere along the way, when it became obvious she was on the awards fast track (something she admitted she didn’t see coming), the game plan changed in order to turn this highly respected Emmy winner into an unquestionable movie star.




Regina King in Alberta Ferretti at the Golden Globes

And there’s no question it worked for her. Her profile and acclaim is higher than it’s ever been and she’s been stepping out consistently in perfectly rendered looks that ensure her status as a bona fide A list star.



Regina King in Michael Kors Collection at the Critics’ Choice Awards

It’s not super-showy in the way of many highly coordinated awards season fashion campaigns. We get the impression that’s down to her personality, which is low-key and not likely to take things too seriously.



Regina King in Michael Kors Collection at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards

The results are a succession of flawless looks in a fairly limited range of styles and silhouettes – and in latter appearances, a pretty strict pink/purple color story – that absolutely do the job for her. She simply hasn’t looked anything but great for the last several months of appearances.



Regina King in Atelier Versace at the BAFTA Awards

And we think that image of consistency and flawlessness is just about the best PR campaign she could have possibly undertaken for herself. No matter what happens on Oscar night, she will go home with a higher profile and a more flawless and polished public image – likeable, professional, fabulous and relatable – like a movie star version of Michelle Obama, basically.

Given her last few looks, we’re gonna go out on a limb and predict something along the same lines, with a slightly more grandiose feel. Pink or purple seem to be likely bets. And impeccable fit, an understated sense of drama and perhaps some sparkle all seem to be reasonable predictions as well.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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