BAFTAs 2019 Red Carpet Report: The Gentlemen

Posted on February 12, 2019


We’re sighing for real. Out loud and everything. We’re not just typing it. Pinky swear.

It’s like this, kittens. We are committed to spreading our bitchery around and making sure the menfolk come in for a little criticism now and then. The problem is that the BAFTAs apparently are not the place to find interesting formalwear among the male attendees. Our bitchery – indeed, our very commentary – will have to be light because these dudes are dull as fuck. But they’re pretty, so there’s that. Enjoy the scroll.



Bradley Cooper in Celine

He looks good. Not loving the whiskers, but he’s glowing and the tux is fine.



Eddie Redmayne

A double-breasted aubergine velvet blazer is driving on a style track only meant for professionals. Leanin’ Eddie is pulling it off perfectly. Also, we like to think our constant ragging about his leaning to one side has caused this slight correction in posture. Attaboy.



Jamie Bell, Taron Egerton and Richard Madden




Taron Egerton in Giorgio Armani


Jamie’s fine, but we’re living for Taron’s velvet dinner jacket. Gorgeous color.



Richard Madden in Salvatore FerragamoPin

If we were him, we’d pay good damn money to maintain that gray streak in exactly that size and shape for as long as possible. While we have no doubt he’d look amazing with a head of premature gray, that streak is drop-dead hot and raised his hotness factor like no minor change in appearance we’ve ever seen.



Luke Evans in Corneliani

Blue velvet dinner jackets seem to have been the trend this night. He looks great but we miss the tight pants.




Tom Hiddleston

Not to be total bitches about it, but he’s not really in a place where he should be half-assing it. This is poor, sir.




Viggo Mortensen in Dior Homme

We swear he’s worn that exact tux all through awards season, but we can’t really blame him. It looks great. We probably would’ve said no to the vest.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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