Critics’ Choice Awards 2019: The Gentlemen Stepped Up

Posted on January 14, 2019

Darlings, some of these men went the conventional route and some of them went in another direction entirely, but none of them slacked off. Believe us when we say, that’s a victory for bitchy red carpet bloggers everywhere.

Although to be fair and honest about it, it’s probably more fun when they show up looking like hobos.



Ben Whishaw in Alexander McQueen

He’s allowed to be a little conventional every now and then. The rose is a cute touch.



Cody Fern

We appreciate his style choices even as we admit that we find most of them completely unsuitable for the red carpet. Having said that, he found the right hair and facial styling for himself. From the neck up, he looks amazing.



Dan Levy

Freaking adorable. If we were being a hundred percent nitpicky, we’d say this style called for loafers, but it’s a really minor point.



Darren Criss in Emporio Armani

He’s serving us a little ’80s Richard Gere action and … we’re not really feeling it.



Diego Luna in Prada

We loathe the idea of a tuxedo and open shirt.



Edgar Ramirez in Prada

It’s nice enough, but a bit boxy and it looks more like a summer suit.



Eugene Levy

The pants could use some hemming but we can’t really argue with the rest of it. It’s amazing how well he aged into his looks.




John Krasinski in Brioni

Looks a mess. Go home and try again.



Justin Hartley in Lanvin

Nice suit, but the kicks don’t really go with it at all. In fact,  the idea of black kicks with a suit sort of defeats the whole point of kicks with a suit.



Manny Jacinto

Gorgeous. Cheekbones to die for.



Nico Santos

Love the coordinating of loafers to pocket square to tie.



Richard Madden in Armani

It’s a shame the pants are puddling slightly, because aside from that one detail, he is working the shit out of a black double breasted velvet tuxedo.



Stephan James in Thom Browne

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Those tight Browne proportions aren’t for everyone, but he’s SO RIGHT for such a modern take on formal menswear.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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