The 20 WORST Red Carpet Looks of 2018, Part 4: A Smattering of Chloes

Posted on December 28, 2018

And now for the worst of the worst of 2018, darlings! And if you’ve been asking yourself why a certain someone hasn’t shown up on our list yet, please allow us to provide an explanation. In related news, see if you can spot the theme of this post! But brace yourself for the final twist, because it’s a doozy!



5: Chloë Moretz in Proenza Schouler at “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” London Screening.

Hi, Chloë! Welcome to the WORST OF THE WORST, darling! Your dress is hideous! Also: You might want to make yourself comfortable, because …



4: Chloë Moretz in Erdem at the “Greta” Toronto Premiere.

Hi again, girl! You did it! You landed in the FIVE WORST not once, but twice! Truly, your taste for hideous frocks in taste-offending fabrics with details and elements so unflattering to you that we might want to suggest that someone’s trying to sabotage your career has served you well. Or not well, actually. And now for our next Chloe…



3: Jenna Coleman in Chloé at the “The Cry” London Special Screening.

A-ha! A slight twist in the proceedings! Switching the umlaut out for l’accent aigu!  But it makes no difference whether we’re talking umlaut Chloë  or accent Chloé , the bottom line is that these Chloes look bad. In a way, this is also the second Chloé entry on the list, because poor Rachel Weisz got talked into a slightly similar design from the same line. Ladies, we don’t know why you think these goofy-ass sleeves and necklines rendered in outrageously ugly fabrics is the way to go for your red carpet appearances, but we suggest you rethink the matter.



2: Chloë Grace Moretz in Miu Miu at the “Suspiria” Los Angeles Premiere.

YES! CONGRATION YOU DONE IT, GIRL. You can console yourself with the revelation that no less a fashion presence than Cate Blanchett herself landed on the 20 WORST list three times this year, but it takes a special commitment to fugly fashion to land in the TOP FIVE three times. And if anyone thinks we’re being mean by placing her where she landed, we suggest you scroll through slowly again. These are easily three of the worst dresses seen on the red carpet in 2018. Miss Girl wants to be a fashionista, but she doesn’t have the eye for it.

And finally, for the very worst red carpet moment of 2018, we offer…




1: Tom Hardy at the “Swimming with Men” UK Premiere.

A bit of a twist.

Darlings, if we featured every male star who underdressed for a promotional appearance, that’s all these lists would be. Instead, we opted to single out the very worst, most offensive example of it all year. Tom Hardy, one of the biggest male movie stars in the world, and a man who routinely shows up at his own premieres dressed in suiting provided by Burberry and Gucci, among others, chose to accompany his actress wife Charlotte Riley to the premiere of her film dressed like he didn’t give a fuck at all. And look, we’re not white-knighting for her. Maybe she’s fine with it. Maybe they’ve convinced themselves that he’s letting her have the spotlight. But you don’t reach stardom by being naive about stardom and if he really wanted her to have this moment, he’d know it would be better not to show up at all. You’re a movie star and you’re on the red carpet. You know damn well the press is going to be scrambling for pictures because pictures of Tom Hardy are going to sell better than pictures of a less famous star. We don’t know the guy and we’re not claiming maliciousness on his part; just a rather callow disregard for an event that wasn’t about him. Red carpets are promotional events for professional, usually high-budget projects. Showing up looking like a professional who gives a shit is the bare minimum bar of behavior to meet. This is the worst red carpet look of 2018.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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