19th Annual ESPY Awards

Posted on July 14, 2011

Darlings, it was the 2011 ESPY Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles! And all the stars in the sky who didn’t have other things to do were there!

Amber Heard in Vivienne Westwood

She’s got two scoops of boob in a single-scoop cone and the shape of the skirt makes it look like it’s stuck in an invisible car door, but it’s not bad. The shoes are uninspired but hair and makeup look great.


Kerry Washington in Jenny Packham

We love that pewter color so much more than a shiny silver. That’ll change at some point after we get sick of it, but right now we like it and Kerry’s rocking it. Not crazy about the shape of the dress up top and once again, we’re looking at uninspired shoes. Plus, and we admit that this is super picky, if you’re going to wear 3 rings on one hand, vary their size, shape, and style. Otherwise, your hand looks like a display on a jewelry counter.


Maria Sharapova in Alexander McQueen

It’s not our favorite dress in the world; it seems more Versace than McQueen to us. It doesn’t seem to flatter her body that much, even though her body is slammin’. We suppose one must wear shoes like that with a dress like that, but we tend to think a more downplayed shoe was called for here. Also, hair and makeup, honey. Look into having them done when you’re making appearances in front of cameras.


Rachel Nichols in Versace

Great look, top to bottom. We might have picked different shoes but that’s just a preference. She certainly didn’t get anything wrong here.


Serena Williams in Rachel Roy

Sweetie, congratulations on your boobs, of which you are clearly most proud, but your dress doesn’t fit correctly, causing it to ride up on you, giving you incredibly high shoulders, which, combined with your hair and your totally incongruous Cleopatra necklace, makes it look like you have no neck.  It’s a shame, because it’s quite the kicky little dress AND we agree with your shoe choice, but girl, you need to go up a size. And the last thing any Williams sister needs is shoulder pads.

[Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com]

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