In or Out: Rihanna in BCBG Max Azria

Posted on May 09, 2011

Rihanna attended the ‘Nivea And Rihanna Celebrating 100 Years Of Skincare’ photocall in Paris in a BCBG Max Azria dress. You heard us. “Celebrating 100 Years of Skincare.”  And you know what? Good for her for tackling the tough issues. After all, you won’t find many people willing to celebrate skincare, will you? And who are YOU to disparage Rihanna’s commitment to celebrating skincare, anyway? When was the last time YOU celebrated skincare?

Enough with your judgmental attitudes about skincare. Let’s look at the dress.




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Uhhhh…well…? It certainly makes her look fresh-scrubbed, doesn’t it? Too bad it doesn’t look anything like Rihanna. We’re suckers for a cute little eyelet dress, but it’s a particular type of look for a particular type of girl and Rihanna seems too edgy and too sexy for something that looks like it was made out of doilies. It’s not an ugly dress, but it seems more like something Taylor Swift would wear than Rihanna. In fact, this entire look has the distinct whiff of marketing and PR all over it. After all, do you think Nivea would want her showing up to celebrate skincare in something black, leather n’ lacey, with cutouts and fur? No, better to celebrate skincare in a dress that actually looks like something you’re supposed to wash your face with. As for the detailing, the bracelet seems like it belongs with another outfit, as do the pointy black nails. We’re not crazy about the mermaid hair on her either.



IN! I SO want to take care of my skin just looking at her!


OUT! I’d use that thing to blot my popped zits, but you couldn’t pay me to celebrate skincare wearing it!


And the Minion Opinion on Aniston’s brightly colored titwindow dress? OUT, of course. We’ve trained you well.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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