Lynda Carter in Carolina Herrera

Posted on May 18, 2011

Lynda Carter attended the American Ballet Theatre’s 2011 Spring Gala at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in Carolina Herrera and you bitches better be nice to her.

She is a goddess and a gay icon and she is eons beyond our bitchy classifications of IN or OUT.  In fact, we might have to change the “In or Out” format to “Lynda or NotLynda.”

Not that she needs us to defend her. She looks stunning, full stop. We challenge anyone to say otherwise with a straight face. But really, this is all just a ploy to link to the interview we did with her for Metrosource:


Is it true you came up with Wonder Woman’s spin?
I did! It’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

It is! It’s like an iconic television image now.
Well, they didn’t know how to change her. In the comics, they didn’t show her changing, and you have to remember there were no computer effects back then, and when you’re on a set trying to figure this stuff out, it’s such a waste of time and money. And they were going for hours trying to figure out how to show the change, and they had this sort of Lazy Susan that they wanted to put me on and I was like, “You know, I can just spin.” And that’s how it happened!

Why do you think your performance of that character resonated with gay men in particular?
I think with Wonder Woman, there’s a secret self or a hidden self. We all have families … and then we’ve all got our work … but we all have this secret part of ourselves, this chrysalis, just ready to emerge. I think with gay men, it’s about that secret, strong, important part of yourself, and for them, that secret part and coming to grips with it is one of the most important things that ever happens to them.

Do you ever get tired of gay men fawning over you?
Never! I love my gays! It’s a privilege.

It should go without saying but… LUV. HUH. She was warm and chatty and we wish we could have just transcribed the whole conversation as she went off on tangents about the work she was having done in her house (“It’s getting kind of loud down here. Let me get a cup of coffee and go upstairs.”), how upset she was over the disaster in Japan, her insane schedule that had her dropping one kid off at college, flying down to Nashville, and then flying out to L.A. all in one weekend, and how she handles it all. We, of course, had our star-spangled panties charmed right off us. Go and read the whole thing. We were walking around with our heads in the clouds for at least a couple of days after.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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