In or Out: Blake Lively in Chanel

Posted on May 10, 2011

Inexplicable “Face of Chanel” Blake Lively attends the Chanel Resort 2012 Collection Show at the Hotel du Cap in Cap d’Antibes, France, wearing … oh, just guess.

PinChanel Spring 2008 Couture Collection/Model: Bruna Tenorio (ELITE)



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We’ve tried to see this from Uncle Karl’s point of view, but every time she steps out in Chanel, we’re struck by how bad a choice she is to be a Chanel model. She just doesn’t suit the clothes, even when they’re as far away from the traditional Chanel look as one can get and still be wearing Chanel, she STILL doesn’t fit the Chanel image. We don’t particularly love this look in any case, but it looks worse on her than it does on the model. The top is too tight and the bottom is too short, which is par for the course with her and yet another illustration of why she’s wrong for the brand. We suppose Karl wants to court an American party girl customer, but tight, short and shiny with JBF hair as the face of Chanel has got to have Coco spinning at top speed in her grave.


IN! Shut up, crankies! She looks hot and fresh, like a Pillsbury crescent roll!


OUT! Right on, T Lo! She looks cheap and stale, like dollar store english muffins!


The Minion Opinion on Rihanna’s doilies n’ claws look was a resounding OUT.

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