Ed Westwick Gets His Plaid On in London

Posted on May 06, 2011

Ed Westwick attended the grand opening of St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London and opted for maximum head-turn appeal.



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Now, we have some quibbles but let’s make one thing perfectly clear: BRA. VO, son. LOVE this look. It takes some balls to dress like this. After all, hardly anyone does and sadly, the richly colored plaid suits seem to find themselves more often on the backs of middle-aged gay fashion editors than they do on trend-setting young actors. Young guys! Straight guys! Reclaim your plaid! There’s not a chance in hell you’d go out in public and not hear at least a half-dozen times, some variation on, “WOW. Check YOU out!” And isn’t that we, all of us, want to hear, at the end of the day? Yes. Check ME out. Pick up that plaid standard and wave it proudly, Ed Westwick. We salute you.


The flipped cuffs and suede wingtips don’t actually help the look. And the sunglasses in the pocket thing…oy.  You might as well clip on your Official Douche badge in its place. We’re not super-crazy about jewelry on men, but even so, we have to give you some major props for that pinky ring. We’re as gay as a basket of poodle puppies, but even we don’t think we could pull that one off.

But keep dressing this way, Ed! You’re a revolutionary!

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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