Andrew Scott, Ed Westwick and Richard Madden at the “1917” London Premiere

Posted on December 05, 2019

Kittens, you best strap yourselves in, because we just looked over the posting roster for today and it’s quite the sausagefest we’ve got planned for you! To kick things off, we’re serving sausage British-style.


Andrew Scott

Oh, Hot Priest. This is so not living up to the Hot Priest brand. Shave, put some product in your hair, and button that jacket. You picked a nice tux. Now wear it correctly, mister.



Ed Westwick

Once you get past the ridiculous cheek-sucking action (and once we get over our loathing of turtlenecks), you can see that’s one stunner of a coat. It’s enough to make up for the rather generic and low-key outfit. In fact, we think the other pieces work really well to make sure that coat gets the spotlight, as it should.



Richard Madden in Giorgio Armani

Le sigh.








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