RuPaul’s Drag Race: Comedy Tonight!

Posted on March 08, 2011

Glamour shot. Love Ru’s dress, but that brushed back, straight hair isn’t her best look. And despite the fact that we are a little appalled at his attire here…

… we have a bit of a crush.

We don’t know what’s going on with Santino, whose appearances this season have been sporadic at best, but things aren’t looking good for him because as a judge, Billy blows him out of the water. He has real critiques to make and it only makes sense to have a makeup artist permanently ensconced on the panel.

Rita was also a great judge, but we were too distracted to pay much attention to her critiques because the woman simply hasn’t aged in 20 years. We used to watch her standup specials religiously in the ’90s when she was heavily featured on Comedy Central.

Remember when Comedy Central featured standup comedy?

No idea who she is, but she was sweet and fun.

Also, we love the way Ru dresses sometimes when he’s out of drag. Sometimes. We still have nightmares about the shocking pink satin “Snatch Game” suit.

The Reading is Fundamental bit just wasn’t all that funny. For one, this is kind of a sour group of queens and for another, while there are pretty girls in this group, there really aren’t a lot of performers.

Shangela, despite her lack of polish and totally obnoxious personality, is the best performer in the group, by far. Raja’s got some chops, but that’s mainly because Raja is innately cool, quick on her feet, and can handle a crowd or a camera. She gets by on looks and persona. Shangela really works at it and we think Ru respects that a lot.

The comedy routines were watched through splayed fingers because people doing comedy who don’t have a talent for it are just painful to look at.

Her makeup looks a hell of a sight better, doesn’t it?

Bottom line: she worked that crowd like she owned it, she had an easily understood “character” to offer them (with an easily remembered catchphrase), and she never once let her energy lag. It was like watching a pro. We don’t love her and she’s not our pick for the win, but more and more, it looks like this is going to come down to Raja and Shangela at the end.

Although we hope next week Manila points out to her what a stereotype her ghetto pimp and ho character was. Shangela has a lot of nerve giving her shit for her Asian stereotypes.

She won because it was a challenge suspiciously tailor-made for her abilities. She likes to think she masterminded the whole thing but that’s nonsense. Delta was going to go home this week. It was practically preordained.

She is a talented drag queen, no doubt about it. When she’s comfortable, she can be amazingly smooth and polished and she works a variety of looks very well. In fact, she may have the most range out of all the queens.

But, as Michelle pointed out, there’s this overwhelming feeling of sadness that permeates everything she does. That was one of the most astute criticisms we’ve heard from that panel.

We know how cruel that gay social scene can be, especially to men of size, so we don’t judge her for her sourness. But the thing is, she’s a performer. If she can’t keep that shit off the stage, then who wants to see her? No one likes a sad drag queen.

The look she chose could have been funny, but she didn’t take it as far as it needed to go. Here, she’s wearing the tackiest of White Trash finery and yet she has impeccably applied makeup. There’s a rather large disconnect there. In addition, she offered this very dark routine about how she can’t get laid and making jokes about women getting raped. She should have gone full-on trailer park and come out sporting glitter eyeshadow with a PBR in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She would have had the crowd’s attention immediately.

Never having seen her lip synch, we were a bit worried about Manila’s chances here because Delta can do it fairly well.

We should have known she’d bring it.

And while we do feel bad for Delta, the sympathy almost evaporated completely when she hauled out that painfully lame “Heather” schtick.

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