RuPaul’s Drag Race: Do Your Little Turn on the Catwalk

Posted on February 02, 2011

We read some grumblings about the McQueen ripoff lobster shoes. Respectfully, that kind of thinking misses the point on drag. Drag is very much about appropriation and has a very long history of it. If some queen wants to staple some cardboard to her platforms and sprinkle glitter all over the whole thing in an attempt to mimic a fashion trend, well she’s just doing what her dragmothers and dragrandmothers did before her.

Having said that, this outfit’s only so-so.

Surprisingly standard, coming from her. It’s not bad, but she looks a bit like a Solid Gold dancer.

This was pretty damn awesome. We agreed with Lily; those boobs are hypnotic. It’s a great look, combining glamour, camp, and sci-fi all in the right amounts. As good or better than Alexis’ and Shangela’s looks.

Well, we’ll give her credit for nerve, at least. Staying far clear from the “flattering” argument, we just don’t think this is all that interesting a look.

This sort of Leigh Bowery-inspired drag is also not going to excite the judges. Mimi has been something of a disappointment. She is way too insecure and rattled by the competition, letting things like getting picked last for teams completely screw up her focus. In addition, she just seems like a lot to handle. She didn’t deserve Shangela – or any of them – being a bitch to her, but she sure does come off as an energy-sucker.

We don’t get why Michelle went after her for relying on her body too much. This relatively modest getup was obviously a response to that same criticism last week. Still, it’s dull as dishwater. The only thing going for this look was the wig, and that obviously didn’t work for her. She looks prettier here than she did last week.

We love you Mariah, but honey, gluing mirrors to your face and putting on a Black Swan reject costume does not a sci-fi look make. Unimaginative.

We thought the judges were too hard on this look. It didn’t work, we agree, but it had a lot going for it. That big ruffle didn’t suit the ’50s sci-fi queen look she was going for and the makeup was just… odd. She more than earned her stay after that lip synch, though. We wouldn’t have thought a Gaga lip synch would play to her strengths, but she nailed it.

Yeah, she looks great, but it’s a too-literal recreation of an iconic Grace Jones look and it really doesn’t say sci-fi all that strongly. Still love her, though. And she does work the shit out on the catwalk.


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