RuPaul’s Drag Race: Prepare to gag on my ELEGANZA!

Posted on February 01, 2011

In all honesty, we’re only featuring this screencap because of the semi-naked men. We’re so ashamed.

It’s kind of cute how the match their underwear to the set.

Okay, the psychic thing was weird and none of the queens really seemed to know where to go with it but we do love this show for subtly parodying the inanity of a lot of reality TV competitions. Why not do a psychic challenge? It’s no more random or less revealing of talent than asking someone to make a wedding gown in 12 hours.

Forcing the queens to bring their acting skills to the table is like an unconventional materials challenge on Project Runway. It may not be what the contestants normally do in their careers, but it separates the wheat from the chaff nicely. For all his bravado, Phoenix was truly awful.

Sure, drag queens don’t always “act” in the conventional sense, but this material didn’t really require Streep-level talent (someone needed to tell Mimi that). It’s a chance for the queens to show what kind of performers they are.

This is a true drag superstar, darlings. A lot of queens would have been pissed that they had to play a monkey, but our gal took it and ran with it, making it the most glamorous space monkey you ever saw.

And who knew Stacey Layne had it in her to bring Maya Angelou to the table?

But Shangela and Alexis were the real surprises here. You could tell they worked hard to get their performances right and it paid off. Mimi might have been the most polished of the performers, but she went off in a scenery-chewing direction that was uncomfortable to watch. These gals played it just right, which was all the more impressive because they couldn’t stand each other.

We’ll get to all the catwalk looks in another post and we’ll get to the winners/loser in a second, but first:

LUV. HUH. She seemed a bit befuddled by the whole thing, but when it came time to make performing critiques, she gave very on-point advice.

And can we just say we love that this show is ghetto enough to do a blurb right in the middle of an episode for How can you not love that?

So anyway…Condrags to Alexis and Shangela!

They are turning out to be the biggest bitches on the show – and we’re a little disappointed in Shangela’s behavior backstage – but they were hands down the best of the bunch this week. You can see they really put the work in, both in their performances and in their costumes.

And it’s a sad sayonara to Phoenix.

We have an appreciation for that whole genderfuck thing, but the fact of the matter is, he’s too masculine to be the kind of queen Ru’s looking for. Couple that with a truly cringe-inducing performance and a lackluster lip synch (which Delta freaking NAILED) and this too was a no-brainer.

And besides, who doesn’t love that Stacey Layne got the last laugh? It seems like the show is really trying to address its previous “big girl problem” and is going out of its way to make sure they all get a fair chance. We thought Mimi was going to be the one to root for but she’s turning out to be a big ol’ mess. Give us Miss Delta and Miss Stacey Layne any day.



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