In or Out: Ginnifer Goodwin in Hervé Léger by Max Azria

Posted on May 04, 2011

Ginnifer Goodwin attends the premiere of “Something Borrowed” in Hollywood in an Hervé Léger by Max Azria dress and the Bitter Kittens get to decide if she got it right.


This looks so good on her, it’s almost WERQ-worthy, but it turns out we have a better candidate for that, which we’ll get to later today.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall 2011 Collection

Model: Ginta Lapina


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It’s not that we think it’s jaw-dropping or anything. It’s just that it’s such a huge improvement for her. She’s made some seriously bad choices on the red carpet; far more than good ones. It seems to us she’s always wearing dresses that don’t flatter her or that are questionable at best from a taste perspective. This hits all the right notes. The silhouette is great on her, she looks great in busy prints, and she gets to wear something that gives the illusion of being skin-baring (which is something she likes) while still being tasteful. In addition, she nailed the accessories. The shoes are just right and we love that big honking ring. We still think she makes bad haircut choices, but the styling looks cute here and the earrings suit her. Love the clutch too.



IN! You are so right, T Lo! Can I touch your hair?

OUT! You two bitches need a nap! She looks like a church secretary who’s trying too hard!

In other I/O news, the Minion Opinion on J Lo’s disco fart suit was OUT. Can you really say the suspense was killing you?

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage,]

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    • Anonymous

      I love it all and esp. want the dress and the clutch.

    • Michelle

      I have no bones to pick with this… all IN.

    • Jill

      IN, bien sur. I love to see Margene looking apropriately glam.

      • Jill

        Hi. Are you a new Jill here, or are you the poster formerly known as Jillian? We should figure out a way to distinguish ourselves.

        • Jill K

          I finally got the system here to accept my name as Jill K.

          • Jill K

            Well hell, it took in the other post, why not this one? Grrr.

    • Guest

      Completely off topic –
      I really like the new format, but there is something that confuses me: on the homepage, what order are the posts in. For example, right now, the second row has posts (in order) from May 3, May 4, May 3. Maybe it’s just me, but I think posts should be in order by date. I don’t care if the newest are to the right or to the left, but I don’t think the latest post should be in the middle. Or am I just completely misreading things?

    • Anonymous

      Daaamn girl! FINALLY she’s looks good! I want that dress. And those shoes. And that purse! Not that hair, but hey, she’s workin’ it!

    • Sara__B

      IN! I’ve never seen her look this good before. She got everything right.

    • Terry

      I love her short hair, here and even when its not quite right. I like the fact that when 99% of her peers wear tired, “down-to-there” extenstions, she goes the opposite way.

    • MilaXX

      IN! This is a vast improvement so the WERQ feature must be really good. The dress is in proportion, accessories are spot on, & makeup is great. Most importantly her short cut is styled properly. Well done.

    • TheGirlInTheAfternoon

      Oh my GOD, she looks FABULOUS. I still don’t love the pixie cut on her, but styled that way, it looks really cute. As close to perfect as it gets. IN.

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      IN – I actually love the hair, but maybe that’s because I am a big fan of short, pixie cuts (and used to have one).

    • Anonymous

      She looks amazing. Not just amazing in comparison to how she usually looks, but amazing all on her own. The shoes are fucking fabulous, the hair is perfect. I love G.G., so it’s nice to be able to give her an extra big IN.

      I wish I could wear that dress.

      • Jill K

        I *completely* concur with every word of this post!

    • MC

      She looks great, let’s face it. Haircut and all.

    • Linda Harris

      In, but I wish she wouldn’t stand with her legs crossed

      • tw125

        I believe that standing with one leg in front of the other is something stylists teach celebrities to do in order to take the best picture. It elongates the legs or something. The hand on the hip is another tip.

        • Jennifer Marie Wegmann-Gabb

          Standing with one leg in front of the other angles you to the camera and therefore gives the illusion that you are thinner than you are. Not that starlets need to worry too much about that. Also, the hand on the hip makes your arms look thinner too…the muscles and fat don’t get squished. Camera’s flatten everything, so you want to add depth to take away from that flattened look.

          • Jill K

            In my opinion, it just makes them look like they have to pee, and wish the photographers would hurry up so they could make a beeline to the bathroom. I *hate* that stance.

    • Anonymous

      In. Love it!

      Even her hair works well here.

    • Mirre

      IN!!! I love the hair! Might be because I have the same style right now…

    • Miss Heather

      She looks cute, but I don’t like the shoes.

    • Anonymous

      OMG Finally!


    • fafafab

      who is she?

      j/k she looks lovely, the pattern work is very interesting, reminds me of Mondo Guerra, hate the shoes though

    • Eddy C.

      She looks great! IN.

    • Ellen Behm

      Love it all… dress, clutch, ring, shoes. And her hair looks adorable. 100% IN!

    • 1carmelita

      Very in! And, as a pixie cut wearer myself, I have to say I love how she’s styled it.

    • DameCultism

      definitely IN!

    • KWhite

      In! She looks great, very well put together but not too matchy. I want the shoes!

    • justme

      I love her hair, super cute! It makes me want to make friends with scissors again… Cute dress too, she looks great.

    • popitlikeahood

      her hair is amazing. IN!

    • annie

      IN. She looks adorable. I even like the improvements on the runway look — shorter hem and those great shoes instead of the boots.

    • Anonymous

      IN! SHe looks FAB!

    • marlie

      FINALLY! Such a cute dress, and it gives off the “edgy” vibe that she seems to want to convey. I even think the hair works with this. The shoes are GORGE too!

    • Anonymous

      I think she looks great but I perfer the boots the model is wearing instead of the high heels.

      • tom

        On a taller model, yes the boots are fantastic and better. But Ms. Goodwin just doesn’t have the height to pull them off, they would have “stumpified” the entire look. But those boots are killer.

    • Abby

      This dress looks amazing on her! IN.

    • Sara Munoz

      IN IN IN! Finally she got it right, although I am worried for her nipples.

    • Sandye

      In. Adorable. I love her in short hair.Wish I ccould rock a pixie cut like she does.

    • Erin Kristoff

      IN. I love everything except that hair. I really dig a pixie cut but her hair almost singlehandedly ruins the look.

    • elleg929

      IN – shows her shape and is still visually interesting.

    • Anonymous

      In! This is great. And I actually love her hair. I mean, I’m a giant lesbian and so it’s possible that liking this hairstyle is just part of my genetics, but I think it looks really cute on her.

      • Jrob

        Hee! A genetic disposition to liking short hair. Love it. Me, I imprinted on a gorgeous woman who had amazing waist-length hair, and then she chopped it all off and looked even more gorgeous. I’ve been a sucker for short hair ever since.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      IN! She looks so good! But someone must tell these starlets that the pose of crossing your legs so it looks like you need to pee does not look great on camera!

    • Miss Fern

      IN. I COVET.

    • Anonymous

      IN, she looks super hot, the dress fits her perfectly and this is the best I’ve seen her on the RC in a long time!

    • KellyAnn Reese

      Love it, IN!

    • thehighstreethobo

      I’d give her In she looks great and i love the minimal accessories, she allowed the dress do the talking

    • Vaniljekjeks


    • vmcdanie


      I like the dress. The haircut is cute but too spiky and gelled here. 80’s nostalgia is out yo.

      Disco fart suit. I see the URL move has not affected your ability to coin phrases I will instantly steal.

    • Anonymous

      She looks amazing – total IN! This is one of the best Herve Leger dresses I’ve seen so far on the RC – it’s super flattering and her hair (which I was never a huge fan of before) makes the whole look super chic!

    • Kathleen

      IN! Uber cute.

    • Anonymous

      Dress, hair, and shoes are edgy and cool. Orange Tang-alicious ring is hideous.

    • erin little

      This dress was made for curves to be shown off- Ginnifer does it right. That first shot of the slideshow feature (which, btw T.Lo, I love) is what won it over for me. Her hair (aka her entire head) on the other hand, seems to be merely used as a cool angle on top of usually questionable looks. It’s like the hair must scream (for her), “Yes, I am fierce.” Not a fan of her, but definitely of this dress.

      Can I touch y’alls hair???

    • twigg

      I don’t love the print, but still IN.

    • Sparky

      Out — the sleeve hits her in the wrong place (unflattering) and she is suffering from compression uniboob… And the choppy graphic emphasizes the bad texture choice in her hairstyle. Not her best

    • Anonny

      Finally a dress that matches her hair! INx5000

    • Jrob

      I am madly in love with the styling of that haircut. Beyond adorable.

      Off topic. I’m not crazy about the new format. The home page hurts my eyes and takes too long to load, what with the endless flash animation. *But* I love that you can comment on the comments. Y’all are so clever and I want to tell you so–and now I can and will.

    • thehighstreethobo

      Hi guys I voted in as i think she looks uber fab. I’ve just started a shopping blog please readers have a look and sign up to follow

    • Judy_J

      IN. I love this look on her, even the pixie haircut. And I REALLY love those shoes. The clutch is great, too. I can’t find anything to grouse about. Good for Ginnifer!

    • aussiegal77

      She looks amazing and I love her hair! I want that hair, but sadly, it would make me look ridiculous.

      That dress is working all kinds of magic on her, shoes, make-up, accessories are all working their asses off. IN.

      Ok, gushing over. Can I please touch your hair, TLo? No, really, please?

    • PatBiswanger

      Totally IN.

    • Nancy lee

      I love it all, except her haircut makes her ears look like the stick out.


    • K S

      She looks beautiful and chic – I want the whole outfit! IN

    • Anonymous

      She’s IN. I think this girl has strange/unusual taste in clothing. Sometimes she gets it right. But it always seems like she picked it out herself.

    • Julie W.

      So, so, so IN!!!

    • Breanna Snodgrass

      Sooooooo fucking in, it’s ridiculous. I might be a bit biased though, because my hair is almost exactly like hers and this entire outfit is something I would LOVE to wear.

    • Manon Eileen

      She looks lovely in my opinion! (That’s an IN!)

    • Joseph Lamour

      Disco fart suit. I’ll be laughing about that for days. LOL.

    • CAT


    • Aunt Dee

      She looks great, esp for her! Big ol’ IN!

    • Anna Daugherty

      So in. I want to look like her.

    • Anonymous

      In! She looks fantastic, even better than the model. Let’s hope she can keep it up.

    • SmartAss

      No nap for you today, TLO. She is sooo IN; especially since she’s made soo many mistakes before. She is rocking it.

      Just sayin-

    • maybe more

      IN IN IN! Oh my goodness, I want that dress!

    • Jennifer Marie Wegmann-Gabb

      Love it all….wish I looked that good in a pixie cut.

    • Anonymous

      Totally IN

      I really like the pattern and metal rectangles. It fits her perfectly. Cute clutch! What’s not to like?

      hey…I just realized there’s no option for bold or italics…hmmmm. I’ll miss the use of bold for the IN/OUT posts…

    • Guest

      In. So eye-catching and chic.

    • Dear_evette

      IN. very adorable and the hair adds some edge!

    • Mmmm

      No, the shoes are just…no. The dress is good though. Can I give her half an in?

    • Anonymous

      Love it. I think she looks great.

    • dark_blue_mania

      IN – the best she’s looked in a while.

      That pic of her from the side is seriously fierce.

    • Anonymous

      Totally IN, but that hair makes it almost impossible to like this look.

      Terrible, terribly ‘Mom is trying to be edgy again’ hair.

    • Marvin Nisperos

      IN! I think this is gonna be unanimous.

      I’m not a fan of houndstooth, but this dress shows a masterful use of it in varying sizes and I just can’t help but love it!

    • Guestie

      definitely in.

    • Anonymous

      She looks fabulous. IN!!! Is it unanimous?

    • Andrea Young

      She looks super cute here. It all works, which is so unusual for her. She’s definitely IN!

    • Anonymous

      love the hair. haven’t liked most of the styling, but the punk rock/rooster style works really complements the simple cut of the dress.

      ~ aka Another Sarah J

    • Anonymous

      I don’t love the hair or even like it, but the dress and her accessories are just right. IN.

    • Marguerite

      Absolutely In. I’m thinking she is WERQ-ing it, but will wait to see your later revelatory post.
      Now do I get to touch your hair?

    • Emily

      Super Cute. I do have to say that I like the haircut though. I think it kinda slims her face.

    • Erika Shor

      IN!!! Looks fab.

    • Leslie S

      IN! best she’s looked in a while! she is actually kinda smiling – her hair looks great too!

    • SMM

      IN. The INhood of this is indisputable. Might this be our first unanimous IN?

    • Sara Parker

      Yes, she looks adorable… but c’mon! An Herve Leger dress on a starlet at an opening? That’s only one step up from a ruffly cocktail dress: pretty, but not exactly fashion-forward.
      But I guess her styling is great (and bonus points to her stylist for actually getting the darn thing hemmed to the right length before the event), and she does deserve a pretty generous handicap, so I’ll give it an in. But begrudgingly.

    • Erin Cropper

      She looks beyond fantastic, which is such a relief – I loved her so much in Big Love!

    • Anonymous


      A great dress that might have read as dull, but the hair is perfect for it, the shoes lift it up, big time, and I love the clutch. (Though I have to admit it doesn’t add much to the full body look as it’s almost impossible to see.)

      I think she nailed it.

    • Nariman Alkhatib

      IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks amazing

    • Jimmy Ramirez

      Totally Cute! IN!

    • Instant Karma

      IN. I want that dress!

    • Katherine Pisarro-Grant

      IN. Love this dress, love seeing unusual prints on the runway, and it really flatters her. HATE the boots paired with the dress in the original runway version, so kudos to her for making it actually look better with these unfussy sandals! Hate the hair and earrings, but love the ring and bag.

    • Moijojojo

      IN x infinity. I think she looks adorbs, & I like the Robyn-esque edge to her hair.

    • Min

      Definitely in. Personally, I love her hair.

    • Alexis

      I really like her hair!

    • Carolyn

      I like it. In, definitely.

    • Anonymous

      IN.Love the dress and it looks wonderful on her. Hair and makeup are excellent. A+

    • myblackfriendsays

      She is definitely WERQ-ing it, but I don’t like the dress. But, I’ll go ahead and give her an “in” since it fits well and she seems to like it.

    • Anonymous

      IN … love all of it, including her hair.

    • CCGuy

      The only problem is that in the third picture down, it looks like some of those gold rectangles are coming off the dress… you know this thing cost thousands of dollars and it’s falling apart?

    • Noelle

      Most assuredly IN. Lovely!

    • Noelle

      Also, I LOVE her hair here. :-)

    • Guest

      IN for sure!

    • Alanna Bennett

      My first thought upon seeing this was simply “WERQ”

    • Michaela T.

      Man, she looks awesome. I’m actually jealous of the clutch and the earrings and it’s all done so well – I like it even better than TLo seem to. I think it’s just about as jaw-dropping as a day look can be!

      Never had I thought the day would come when I would like the houndtooth pattern, but man, this is one spectacularly cool dress.

    • Megan

      Love love love it. Definitely IN. She looks great. I want that dress in my closet NOW.

    • Lulu

      I love that dress on her and the clutch and ring are perfect, but I really hate the shoes. I’m sure they’re ridiculously expensive, but they look like they came from Payless.
      The hair: I normally love short hair, but she really doesn’t have the face for it. She’s a beautiful girl, but short hair just isn’t for her.

    • mjude


    • SQ

      All the way IN!

    • Teg


    • SBG

      She looks great!!

    • Niandra

      I really like her whole look, but think the dress is just a little too busy for my liking. That’s certainly a personal thing. I say she is IN.

    • Zanna6

      IN! Cute all over!

    • Jenny

      I am really, really, really sick of these bandage dresses. All variations of the Herve Leger dresses on starlets are so tired. That said, she has accessorized this really well, the earrings, shoes, clutch, and ring are all cute. And given how terrible she looks, I’m going to give this an in. Even though I never want to see another one of these stupid dresses again.

    • Sorana Tarmu

      IN. But why does she have to emulate Halle Berry’s hair? She’ll never pull it off. Looks to boyish for her.

    • Sara Lukjanovs

      Nothing even remotely OUT about this. IN, IN, IN! I covet and want to own everything she is wearing.

    • Momzilla

      Very IN. She’s striking an excellent balance here of being eye-catching and stylish without tipping into obvious and vulgar. And she’s doing it without Barbie hair extensions, push-up bra and implants, spray on tan or a super-short skirt.

      And it’s a day look!

    • JackieO

      IN IN IN. She looks amazing.

    • Jill

      Absolutely perfect in every tiny detail from head to toe. IN!

    • Anonymous


      Looks great, the style of the dress works with her slightly punk hair. Couldn’t tell those were cut-outs until the close-up. Very flattering.

    • foodhussy

      It is amazing for such a pretty girl how she can look SO bad. I agree – this looks great on her!

    • Tutugurl_69

      IN! She looks better than the model :)

    • Chelsea

      She looks amaaazing, love the earrings (FIERCE) and love the difference here from how sweet she’s gonna look in that movie… 100% IN- ginnifer take notes from this stylist, never seen you look this good.

    • madam wks

      she looks cute in her lil Halle berry wannabe ‘do’….

    • Anplica Fiore

      Quite cute! Love the dress – In!

    • Liz

      IN – It’s a pulled together look that she’s working well. I can’t say it’s a good look for everyone, but she looks fabulous and sassy.

    • Teo

      IN – finally!!

    • andrea rasdale

      I like it all except the hair. So an in on the outfit, out on the hair.

    • Anonymous

      IN. Love the dress and she looks great in it.

    • nancy waldman


    • marciekr

      Love, love, love it! Definitely in.

    • Kimmy Hescock

      Super cute. In.

    • Nanc Evans

      hahaha can I touch your hair??? LOVE this outfit. Very sexy very fresh, covet the shoess

    • Mirakel

      The shoes are awful, look like cheap plastic from Payless Shoes.

    • annrr

      In I love everything esp those shoes

    • aimee_parrott

      I think she looks fabulous! That dress is pretty much perfect on her.

    • Shinobi

      You guys need a polling feature! IN! Love the hair.

    • Foxandhisfriends

      It’s so in!

    • Kate Grayson

      In…but I don’t like the hair

    • CNM

      The clutch is to die for.

    • AuntSha

      How come I don’t look that cute with bed head?

    • Judith

      Everything is PERFECT and the hair is FIERCE!! I know, this word has been overused, but it’s really the only adjective possible here.
      The best IN in a long time.

    • Ali

      Much improved, Ginnifer. IN.

    • PostsYouCanDanceTo

      I would’ve gone with two WERQ’s, but that’s just me.

      In any case: IN!

    • Motives

      The bag is to die for!

    • Emily McKeown

      In! Love everything but the hair. Perhaps a large hat?

    • Anon

      She looks great. In!

    • Gretchen Hoyt

      In!!!!! I want every dress I wear to look like this one does on her.

    • 6foot5bill

      Love the earrings and dress. IN!

    • Anonymous

      In, oh yes, a million times, In.

    • Wendy

      In In IN. De-polygamized for sure. Haircut is perfect for her.

    • Lisa

      WOW! An absolute, complete IN! I mean, yes, because this would be a great polished look on anyone, but on HER? It’s a complete 180!

    • emily

      love. INCLUDING the hair! but I’m a sucker for a cute girl with short hair :)

    • Anonymous

      Wow this is the best she’s ever looked she looks incredible so very IN

    • Terri

      All of it is IN! Love her hair. Wish I could wear mine that short!

    • Ben


    • Susan Mayer

      IN – she looks fabu (except for that cray-cray hair).

    • Victoria

      IN. For once she doesn’t look annoyingly twee, but rather respectable and classy. and hot.

    • dulcian

      IN. In in in in in.

    • andrew

      I even like the hair, for her face. Agree that’s an amazing dress on her and I like her accessories a lot better than the way the model is wearing it. The boots were too much and these shoes are just right.

    • Margot

      Don’t like the ring, but everything else is IN, babies. It’s pulled-together without being pretentious, and it’s devastatingly flattering. J’adore those shoes.

    • Anonymous

      IN! Yay for her!

    • Anonymous

      IN! Yay for her!

    • kiki

      In! Love it!

    • Anonymous

      So IN. I had given up all hope of seeing her turn it out. She looks fab…quite a feat for GG.

    • Extra314

      IN. Simple but interesting. Love the ring.

    • Emily

      In. She looks awesome.

    • Sau-Chih Feng

      IN! The print looks amazing with her short hair, definitely a right step in the “edgy” direction, and I love those shoes!

    • becky sayers

      so right!!!!!!! love the whole look, and she’s working it– very very flattering!!- the hair is styled to perfection for this look- want to emulate!

    • Anonymous

      So in. I think the dress, is, in fact, draw-jopping, just not immediately so. The detail….impeccable.

    • Celia

      Terrific! She looks fab, way better than the model. Nice shoes, too.

    • yan

      In. I sort of love the hair, having chopped mine off a few times (badly) and had to deal with the fallout.

    • Jocelynis

      I love her hair.

    • jzzy55

      She looks like a church secretary who’s trying too hard — but who cares, with a bod like that.

    • twotonepeeper

      She and I have the same bane of existence, sweet young face and big attitude. I understand why she cut her hair short and is always trying to get away with edgy-er looks. She must, deep down be a sassy lady. I think she got it right here. As I was scrolling down, I was so sure I would see nude pumps. Nope! Good Girl!

    • Mary Nease

      Love it- totally IN and I wish I had the body to pull off horizontal strips like that.

    • Devin Christopher

      The dress is fab and Im kinda feeling the pixie cut! Edgy and stylish! Love!

      In the picture above the gallery, you can see one of the gold rectangles falling off on her upper thigh. Just my designer eye. Thought it was interesting.

    • Californiagirl

      She looks great. The fit is wonderful. The accessories are great.

    • Californiagirl

      She looks great. The fit is wonderful. The accessories are great.

    • Maghan

      In! She looks better than she has in a while.

    • Christina Marie Escamilla

      Loooks fierce!!!! Love it.

    • Cdawnmitchell

      Love the whole thing and love her. But I do think her boobs look a little smushed.

    • Rachel Lee

      IN. I didn’t realise the dress had little metal plates sewn all over it! That’s some cool shit. And the shoes are droolworthy.

    • SJ

      PERFECT. I want her hair. And her dress. And her shoes. And her purse.

    • marcia miller

      fantastic. No negatives from me. IN

    • Brendan

      In, like gin and sin.

    • csquared

      love it from head to toe. hair looks extra awesome.

    • Ali


    • Ali


    • Rappenwolf

      Beautifully IN! I want her haircut!!!

    • Rappenwolf

      Beautifully IN! I want her haircut!!!

    • Ali


    • Aisling O’Connor

      Everything is perfect from neck down. That teenager haircut and earrings are totally wrong for her a) age and b) face.

      Love the boots in the catwalk version.

    • Eve

      In. She (or her sylist) nailed it.

    • Mary

      IN. Well – I love the dress, but I disagree with the shoes. They seem – dare I say it – dated to me. And I don’t think they are flattering to her leg. Too chunky for someone so petite. I think she should have gone with a less thick strap. Other than that and the hair – she’s perfect. She is such a pretty girl -why is she doing that on top of her head?

    • Saanriotwisted

      IN! You are so right, T Lo! Can I touch your hair?

      I hate the dress, but on her, it works. But she definitely needs a hair stylist who knows how to say “No.”

    • tom

      Completely IN! This works for her pitch perfect. And I love her hair! Youthful, edgy but still pretty and extremely flattering to her face.

    • Anonymous

      Love the dress, but the hair is awful. She looks like someone ran over her head with a weed whacker.

    • raisin mountaineer

      I love this dress. Not to get all PR geeky, but is the fabric, you know, one fabric, or is it multiple fabrics pieced together? Either way, it’s fabulous. “I would totally wear this.” And while shoes are not my thing, these are adorable.

    • Jenna Thomas-McKie

      IN! I even like the hair – from the side. From the front, looks like she needs a comb. But still. IN IN IN.

    • cathy

      lllllove it, in!

    • suzq

      I love it. It’s not the easiest color, but the black gives it interest. It looks like some of her little rectangles are falling off, though.

    • Stephanie Jass

      Margene is IN for once!!

    • Anonymous

      I just can’t see past her hair…I think she’d look 100x better with a different cut. I just…I don’t know. I don’t love this on her, but that could be frankly because she annoys me no matter what, for no reason. Sorry =

    • Anonymous

      Totally IN. When I saw her pic on the front page I thought ‘oh dear here we go’ but it’s so good. It fits her perfectly.

    • tommytimp

      In like Gin Goodwin. (Thank you. Drive safely.)

    • tommytimp

      In like Gin Goodwin. (Thank you. Drive safely.)

    • tommytimp

      In like Gin Goodwin. (Thank you. Drive safely.)

    • Anonymous

      She looks perfect – so very IN! And I want to borrow the dress.

    • Jenny

      IN. Gorgeous. I covet it all.

      And did anyone else notice that she is kind of/sort of/nearly/almost smiling?

      Her smirk gives me hope.

    • aj

      cute cute cute. in in in.

    • Merrigator

      Love it. IN!

    • kyasarin mochizuki

      A very surprising IN for Miss Goodwin.

    • kyasarin mochizuki

      A very surprising IN for Miss Goodwin.