Ryan Gosling Arriving in Los Angeles

Posted on May 04, 2011

Ryan Gosling displayed his hipster bona fides while sailing through LAX this week, an event which is going to force us to say something that will either piss off hipsters or piss off well-built guys.




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Here it is: We don’t think well-built guys can pull of the hipster uniform. We think this outfit would look totally chic and kind of adorable on the right guy. We don’t think Ryan’s that guy. What’s the point in working out your shoulders and arms if you’re going to wear a tiny, ill-fitting jacket over them? What’s the point in working out your butt and legs if you’re going to insist on pants that are going to make you look hippy? Those pants and that jacket are cut for slim guys. Not that Ryan’s some sort of muscle god, but he’s a little too big in certain areas for this to look good on him; or at least, as good as it would look on someone slimmer.

And we’re just gonna say it: the glasses, pendant, and deep V neck combine to take the look into poser territory.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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