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Posted on April 04, 2024


PinFitz’s Brasserie at Kimpton Fitzroy – London, England

It’s THURSDAY!! We figured if we typed that in a really exciting manner that we would manifest good feelings and a positive attitude in all who read it!! Did it work? No? Okay, then. Might as well belly up to the bar and call it a day.


Kirsten Dunst Confronts ‘Civil War’ Hysteria, Hollywood Pay Gaps and the Media Dividing America: ‘Everything Is Broken’
Dunst emerged from “The Power of the Dog” on a career high — little wonder that, in speaking about the culture-war elements of her new film, a usually blunt star speaks gingerly. “The whole movie is open to interpretation,” Dunst says. “For me, there were things I just accepted that were unexplained. It allows the audience to fill in their own feelings about what they’re watching.”


The High Highs and Low Lows of Alan Ritchson
‘Reacher’ shot him into Hollywood’s top tier, but behind that success — the 41-year-old reveals in an unusually candid interview — was a harrowing struggle with bipolar disorder, sexual assault and a suicide attempt that he survived with a mix of faith, love and brute force.

Life has never been better for Alan Ritchson. He arrives at West Hollywood’s Blackwood Coffee Bar on an early morning in March at a time when there are billboards across Los Angeles featuring his work. Some are supersized to promote the second season of Reacher, the series that made him famous playing a muscular savant who kicks ass in spectacular fashion. Others promote a turn as a sensitive family man hell-bent on saving his daughter from a fatal disease in the faith-based tear-jerker Ordinary Angels, opposite two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank. By the time this is published, his face will be high up with two Henrys (Cavill and Golding) advertising a guns-blazing actioner from Guy Ritchie called The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, a film that finds him annihilating Nazis (with fists and feet but mostly bow and arrow).


Gillian Anderson Talks Stepping Into Emily Maitlis’s Stilettos for Scoop—And Her New Book About Women’s Sexual Fantasies
Vogue: I read that you initially avoided watching the Newsnight interview because you heard it was such a car crash. When did you finally get around to watching it?
Gillian Anderson: I actually can’t remember whether I watched it within a certain period of it airing, or whether it was after I’d agreed to do Scoop. Once I’d signed on, I thought, Right, I’ve seen clips, but I actually need to commit some time to watching it. And when I did… the conversation they have, it feels like the two of them are almost speaking two different languages? There’s such a disconnect. And it makes you ask questions like: why would someone put themselves in that position? How did that even happen? And that’s what our film is about—it’s about the women who were involved in making this happen.


Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light Is Coming to TV Later This Year
The show stars Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell and Damian Lewis as King Henry VIII.

The final book in Hilary Mantel’s acclaimed Wolf Hall trilogy, which follows the life of Thomas Cromwell, is coming to Masterpiece PBS later this year! The show picks up nine years after where the original Wolf Hall adaptation left off.(Wolf Hall, which aired in 2015, covered the first two books in the trilogy, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.)
Per PBS, “Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light will trace the final four years of Cromwell’s life, completing his journey from self-made man to the most feared, influential figure of his time. Cromwell is as complex as he is unforgettable: a politician and a fixer, a diplomat and a father, a man who both defied and defined his age.”


A Victoria Beckham x Mango collaboration collection has just been announced (and it’s coming sooner than you think!)
VB is tapping into accessibility with a major new high street collection.

If you’re anything like us, big-name designers collaborating with high street brands hits like nothing else. This morning’s news of a Victoria Beckham x Mango collaboration, therefore, almost knocked us off our seats.
Two major fashion powerhouses teaming up for one accessible collection is never not great news, but when those powerhouses include one of the industry’s most beloved – but, let’s face it, expensive – designers and one of our absolute favourite high street labels we can’t help but swoon over the pairing.
Step aside David, Victoria’s newest partnership might just be our favourite yet…


‘Scoop’: Everything You Need To Know About The Netflix Drama Based On BBC’s Prince Andrew Interview
ELLE UK spoke to Billie Piper, Rufus Sewell and ‘Scoop’ director Philip Martin about the making of the Netflix dramatisation of the infamous 2019 Newsnight interview between Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Emily Maitlis.

While multiple documentaries and exposé articles have attempted to get to the truth of these serious sexual abuse allegations in the years since, there is one story yet untold on the screen, until now. And that’s the story of Newsnight booker, Sam McAlister, and her account of the TV get of the century in Scoops, now retold with Netflix as Scoop.


What Does The Future Hold For The Aesthetics Industry?
From championing inclusivity to surgical transparency, Gen Z is changing the way we approach aesthetics – and it’s about time, too.

‘There is a shift to inclusivity, and the rise of gender-neutral treatments is just an extension and next evolution of the shift in beauty overall,’ explains Dr Timm Golueke, Board-certified Dermatologist and Founder of Royal Fern Skincare who says that the sentiment aesthetics is now facing is rooted in being happy in your skin. ‘People will continue to seek out procedures that allow their physical appearance to match their identities authentically.’


Gillian Anderson on Recreating Prince Andrew’s Disastrous Interview in Scoop
Five years after Emily Maitlis skewered Prince Andrew on Newsnight, Anderson plays the journalist in a film recalling how that catastrophic interview came to be.

At first, Gillian Anderson couldn’t bring herself to watch Prince Andrew’s disastrous 2019 BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis—the one where the disgraced royal denied having sex with a teenage girl, offered a PizzaExpress alibi, and then claimed that he could not sweat because of an adrenaline overdose in the Falklands War. The interview, which only fanned the flames of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal that the royal had meant to stomp out, was dubbed “one of the single worst PR moves in recent history” by a palace insider.
Given the negative hype, Anderson admits, “I came to it late, because I knew that it was going to be cringeworthy. For a while I didn’t want to subject myself to that.”


Is This Coffee-Scented Candle the New ‘It’ Scent?
It’ll definitely sell out soon.

As a home fragrance enthusiast, it doesn’t take much to get me to try a new tomato candle. Notes like baking spices, cream, cookies, and vanilla, however, set off my alarm bells. I’m immediately reminded of migraine headaches triggered by the sickly sweet jars that make their way into holiday gift bags, and unwittingly, my apartment.
But if any perfumery could be trusted to rehabilitate the dessert candle’s image, it would be Diptyque, whose new, limited edition collaboration with Café Verlet pulls off just that.


Balmoral Castle Will Open to the Public for the First Time
King Charles has granted permission for private tours to take place throughout the royal residence

For the first time since the British royal family became its owners two centuries ago, Balmoral Castle will be open to the public.
Per Balmoral Castle’s website, “For the first time since the castle was completed in 1855, we have been granted permission to take you on a private tour with our experienced guides. They will take you on a historical journey through several of the beautiful rooms within Balmoral Castle.”


Sarah Jessica Parker Wants Her Daughters to Have a “Healthier Relationship” With Food Than She Did
Growing up, Parker wasn’t allowed to eat treats at home.

When it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker, cookies, cakes, and other desserts are a must for the household — not because she has a sweet tooth (though it may be a contributing factor), but because she’s trying to set a good example for her and Matthew Broderick’s 14-year-old twin daughters, Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell.


The sun, a black circle obscured by the moon and surrounded by a glowing white corona, hangs in a black sky.
Everything you need to know about the 2024 solar eclipse
From why this year is so special to tips for watching, we’ve got you covered.

Millions of Americans in the United States will be able to see a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. It will be the last chance for those in the lower 48 states to see one for 21 years. Even if you can’t get to the path of totality, which is where the moon’s shadow covers the sun, you’ll at least see a partial solar eclipse over the course of the day.
So — if you’re wondering how you can witness what some folks call a life-changing event to why they happen in the first place, follow along here for answers to all of your questions and more.


“Equivalent to having 50 Super Bowls”: The staggering — and lucrative — scale of eclipse tourism
More people will travel for this event than for one of the country’s biggest games.

The biggest US travel event of this year might not be Taylor Swift’s sold-out concert tour or a long-awaited March Madness face-off.
Instead, it could well be the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, which could see as many as 4 million people in the US journeying to view it. This year’s total solar eclipse is particularly special for the US: Although the phenomenon happens globally every 18 months, this one will be visible across a huge swath of the country, making witnessing it more accessible. Plus, the eclipse is expected to last longer than the prior one did in 2017, adding to its allure.


As Charles looks set to open the doors to Balmoral, Tatler shares a brief history of the Royals at the Scottish castle
Every summer, Queen Elizabeth II would head north to her Scottish residence where she was joined by the family. Here we delve into the family photo album to see pictures including Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday and a young Prince William and Prince Harry.


Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Settles the Score With Haters — and With History
Beyoncé released a genre-bending country album, “Cowboy Carter,” last week. After listening to it in all the requisite settings — on a walk, in a car and on a plane — I finally understand what Beyoncé, a notoriously enigmatic pop star, wants to say to the world. She wants to be more than popular. She wants to be legendary. But first, she isn’t through taking everyone who has doubted her to the woodshed.


Bride Refuses to Wear Wedding Dress Her Stepsister Handmade for Her
The bride explained on Reddit that her 21-year-old sibling, an aspiring designer, delivered a final product that was the “wrong color, the wrong style — everything”

A bride is getting grief from her family for not wearing the wedding dress her stepsister made for her.
In a recent post on Reddit’s popular subreddit “Am I the A——?” the bride explained that her 21-year-old stepsister, whom she referred to as Zoey, is an aspiring wedding dress designer who is currently completing a fashion degree.


39 Rhubarb Recipes to Inspire You to Use This Spring Treat
One of our favorites, this rosy vegetable can be used for desserts and savory dishes—make the most of it while it’s at its peak.

Rhubarb fans, unite! The season for this tart, colorful spring vegetable is upon us. Yes, botanically rhubarb is a vegetable (and the tomato a fruit), but we mostly use this seasonal treat in desserts. If your garden yields an endless supply—or you stock up at the farmers’ market—and you’re wondering what to do with the windfall, lucky for you, we’re rhubarb connoisseurs. Our treasure trove of recipes includes pies, tarts, cake, cobblers, crisps, and pavlovas. Or try making it into a chutney to serve with meat or adding it to salad—it’s time to relish rhubarb.


3 Ways to Zest a Lemon—Without a Zester
While a microplane or zester is best, there are other tools that can help you get the job done.

Lemons are a delightful, potent fruit with many culinary applications—and the secret to their incredible flavor often lies within the rind where the oil is stored. This is why lemon zest can pack such a punch in small quantities. If you’d like to add some to your next recipe but don’t have a zester, don’t despair: There are actually three methods for zesting citrus that don’t require a zester. We asked chefs to share their methods—each one proves that your everyday kitchen tools can be used for far more than you might suspect.


How to Blanch Vegetables—the Best Way to Preserve Their Color, Texture, and Flavor
This classic French cooking technique is quick, easy, and transformative.

For spring and summer vegetables that taste like the best versions of themselves, any professional chef will tell you that the preferred method of preparation is the simple but effective technique of blanching. Blanching is quick and easy, and it’s definitely something you should be using in your kitchen. Learn why you should be blanching, how to blanch, mistakes to avoid, and find out some of our favorite ways to use blanched vegetables.

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