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PinDuck & Waffle Bar and Restaurant – Edinburgh, UK

It’s WEDNESDAY! Let’s get SWANKY! It sure beats the alternative, boring mundanity! Slide your ass into a banquette and flag down a wait person politely.

“What Are You Laughing At?” Sarah Paulson, in Conversation with Pedro Pascal
In the early ’90s Sarah Paulson and her crew of young actor friends were bouncing around New York, watching movies, seeing plays, and hoping that one day it would be them up there. Paulson made it—the first one in the group who did—beginning on Broadway, and then as a cornerstone in the Ryan Murphy multiverse. Today, as one of the most respected actors of her generation, she is going hard, especially on Broadway, where she is currently carving up the stage in the scathing family dramedy Appropriate. Someone else from the group who made it was Pedro Pascal, who called up his old buddy to talk about, among other things, how crazy that is.


Ukrainian milliner, Ruslan Baginskiy, shares what it’s like to create bespoke headwear for Queen Camilla and the Princess of Wales
The celebrated Ukrainian designer explains the touching meaning behind these breathtaking hats

Fabulous hats and the royal heads that wear them so often come together in perfect harmony. Throughout history, well-hatted queens, princesses, duchesses et al. have routinely provided endless inspiration for simmering sovereign style when donning their most delectable headpieces at events across the globe. Queen Elizabeth II in rainbow confections courtesy of Rachel Trevor-Morgan, Princess Diana in scintillating circumferences from John Boyd; you know the drill. But what is it like to actually create these moment-making pieces? Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginskiy found out when he concocted two millinery marvels for HRH Queen Camilla and the Princess of Wales.


Need another reason to jet off to Milan this Spring? This Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda exhibition, held in a historic royal palace, is a must-see
A chance to see the most dazzling Italian couture in the country’s fashion capital? Yes please…

Delectable food, fine wine and fabulous fashion; heading to Milan is always a good idea. And for those who love to live luxuriously, the city of style provides endless opportunities to revel in riotous glitz. Now, a new exhibition is set to take the glamour of Italy’s fashion capital to another level, with Dolce & Gabbana opening the doors to ‘From The Heart To The Hands’; a world-first dedicated display of the esteemed house’s answer to haute couture, Alta Moda.


11 spring 2024 hair trends you should really know about
Making the cut.

Want to know which spring 2024 hair trends you need on your radar? We’ve tapped up the top hair stylists for their expert predictions.
The good news is, there are no rules – because experimentation is in. “I think we will see more and more creative ways that hair is incorporated into a look,” says celebrity hair stylist, Jay Birmingham, whose clients include Sofia Richie. And bold cuts are on the menu. “I would love to see more daring, short cuts in contrast to the usual super glam Hollywood waves. Iris Law does this so well,” Jay adds.


Who is Jojo Siwa? Everything to know about the former Dance Moms star dividing the internet RN
The former child star has undergone a drastic rebrand.

Back in 2015, rising to prominence on the American reality television show, Jojo was a cute 12-year-old who appeared alongside her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, ranking in the top five contestants despite being the youngest on the season. A born performer, she later launched a singing career with the help of YouTube.
But now she’s appearing in a very different guise, undergoing a public image overhaul. It all began a few months ago, in October last year, when Jojo jumped on stage at a G Flip concert, and began gyrating in the air.


Who is the real Martha in Baby Reindeer and where is she now?
Richard Gadd has been careful to keep her identity hidden.

Baby Reindeer is all we can talk about right now, and one of the main questions we all have is – who is the real Martha from Baby Reindeer?
The groundbreaking new Netflix series from comedian Richard Gadd is a fictionalised retelling of his own deeply comfortable experience with a female stalker. It’s bold, complex, darkly funny and probably one of the best new offerings from Netflix this year.
What’s more, Gadd’s own commentary on the character of Martha (and the real-life Martha) as a victim of mental health issues rather than a dark criminal is thought-provoking and refreshing.


The ‘mob bob’ is the sassy haircut that blends mob wife with bob life
We’re ready with the inspo.

It was only a matter of time before two of our favourite aesthetics collided to give us one stunner of a haircut: the mob bob.
Just like the old money aesthetic ruled 2023, TikTok’s trending mob wife aesthetic is the moment for 2024. It taps up the same glamour of its predecessor, but throws in a whole heap of sass on top. Because, make no mistake, the mob wife brief is not about being understated. Instead, it’s an unashamed celebration of all things maximalist (so you best have the statement scent and chunky gold jewellery to go with it).


The Best British TV Shows To Binge Now
The latest and greatest shows to watch next.

If there’s one thing the British can do well, it’s make a television series. From cosy period dramas to electrifying thrillers – via characteristically dry comedies and heartbreaking romances – there are brilliant shows waiting in every genre.
British TV shows may call to mind fictional dramatisations, which often have a historical angle (here’s looking at you, The Crown) but there are a loads of memorable original stories to dive into as well. Some of the best of these come from young women writer-creators, like Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag.


Kit Connor & Rachel Zegler Are Bringing An Apocalyptic Gen-Z Twist On Romeo + Juliet To Broadway
Thoughts, prayers and No Fear Shakespeares for X’s bigoted troll community today, who – mere days after finding out that Romeo and Juliet is neither based in fact nor written by Baz Luhrmann – have another bitter pill to swallow: not only will Tom Holland and Francesca Amewudah-Rivers tread the boards in the “The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy” come May, but Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler are heading to Broadway in a Sam Gold-directed adaptation of Romeo + Juliet at an undisclosed point this autumn.


From Penelope’s Makeover To Eloise’s Audrey Hepburn Moment, Bridgerton’s Costume Designer Talks Season 3
The costumes in the first two seasons of the show are spectacular. How did you want to evolve the Bridgerton look for season three while also staying true to the series’s aesthetic?
For the first season, we threw everything but the kitchen sink at it, because we had to define the characters very quickly, so it was broad strokes and distinct colour palettes. For season two, the costumes were a little bolder in colour and more period correct. And this season, because of the story we’re telling, we thought, “Let’s make it softer.” It’s more textural, a little more blurry. We layered fabrics – for instance, we’d take a warmer colour and a cooler colour and combine them, so when you’re looking at a dress, you’re not totally sure if it’s blue or green.


A Study for the Infamous Portrait of Winston Churchill Featured in The Crown is For Sale
The unique painting will be exhibited at Sotheby’s in New York in May before being sold at auction in June.

The story of artist Graham Sutherland’s infamous 80th birthday painting of Winston Churchill was brought to life for a whole new audience in season one of The Crown. But while it is true that, just as shown in the Netflix drama, the final painting that Churchill hated was burned, a study of the work has survived and is now being sold at auction.


The Best Hairstyles And Hair Trends For Spring 2024 And Beyond
From the red resurgence to 70s blow outs and pixie cuts.

Whether it’s embracing a new season’s myriad styling opportunities, replacing your grown-out roots or even welcoming a complete hair transformation, spring is the perfect excuse to experiment with a shiny-new hair look.
Luckily, there’s a whole host of new hairstyles and hair trends just waiting to be discovered. From the return of 1970s Farrah Fawcett flicks with a technicolour nature twist, to working this year’s hottest hair finishes, now is the ideal time go big and bold and test out the most coveted hairstyles and hair trends working their way down the runways and onto the streets.


12 Sweet Perfumes That Smell Addictively Good
Sweet fragrances are undeniably the darling of the perfume world for those who are inspired to create them and those who love to wear them. “Sweetness is often linked to pleasure and sensuality—it takes us into childhood memories and reminds us of our favorite candy or dessert, so anything sweet, including sweet fragrances, makes most of us happy,” explains Frank Voelkl, principal perfumer of Firmenich fragrance house, which creates fragrances for Inter Parfums.


Back to Black Reproduces Amy Winehouse’s Misogynistic Harassment. Naturally, the Internet Has Responded By Trolling Its Female Star
It makes me wonder how Amy would have been treated today. Yes, some things have moved on. However, I can imagine a younger version of her being ridiculed as an industry plant, or a cultural appropriator worthy of full cancellation. Had she survived her addiction—and, in embracing recovery, chosen a more gentle, wholesome way of life—would she have been written off as cheugy, a hun, a toxic girl boss, irrelevant?


Undergarments for the Ultrawealthy
Cadolle, a maker of corsets favored by designers like John Galliano and labels like Dior, is known for custom underpinnings that can cost thousands of dollars.

In a subterranean workroom of a building on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, there are cabinets filled with bags of Chantilly lace in myriad shades: Yves Klein blue, sherbet orange, a silvery periwinkle. Nestled between the furniture are some half-dozen sewing machines, at which a small staff of seamstresses works while constructing corsets for Cadolle, a company that has been making custom lingerie for almost 140 years.


Did dating apps kill crushes?
Apps like Tinder and Hinge have sapped much of the romance, mystery and excitement out of dating

Of course, it’s entirely possible to have a crush on someone you met online, and many people do still meet ‘organically’. But the indomitable rise of dating apps is undoubtedly changing the way we fall in love. In her 2021 book The New Laws of Love, sociologist Dr Marie Bergström argues that dating apps have turned dating into a compartmentalised, private activity, a phenomenon which she terms “the privatisation of intimacy”.


A new (re)generation: Inside Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who
The 60-year-old sci-fi franchise is kicking off a new era, as Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor takes control of the TARDIS.

Reinvention has always been part of Who’s DNA. The show holds the Guinness World Record as the longest-running sci-fi series on TV, and since its 1963 debut, 14 main actors have played the role, stretching from William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker. Doctors and companions have come and gone, but the show’s basic format remains, following an eccentric alien as he — or she — zooms through space and time in the TARDIS. (It stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, and underneath that blue police box exterior, it’s bigger on the inside.) In 2005, Queer as Folk creator Davies resurrected the show after years off the air, overseeing four seasons led by the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and the Tenth (Tennant).


21 Natural Cleaner Recipes for Every Area of Your Home
These DIY cleaners use simple household ingredients.

While store-bought cleaners are effective, many contain unnecessary chemicals that aren’t really needed to get the job done. When it comes to deep cleaning your home, some of the best cleaners can be made with simple household ingredients, like vinegar and baking soda. Whether you want to give your kitchen a quick clean, or take on a tougher task like removing grime from grout, these natural cleaners will keep every area of your home sparkling.

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