LOVE LIES BLEEDING Co-stars Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian for THEM Magazine

Posted on March 20, 2024


In Them’s latest cover story, LOVE LIES BLEEDING co-stars Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian dive into how A24’s latest thriller marks a turning point in the careers of both lead actors and also the landscape of modern sapphic cinema. Stewart discusses the joy and ease she experienced in portraying the role of ‘Lou,’ representing a breakthrough performance for her compared to other roles, while O’Brian opens up about how the role of ‘Jackie’ was the most challenging and exciting she’s ever played.


Kristen Stewart

On her feelings around the 2020 holiday rom-com Happiest Season: “The identity was beaten out of my goals there. I was getting so many studio executive notes about my hair and my clothes. I was like, ‘You did read the script. You did hire me. What are we doing here?’ It was fucking annoying. And it’s fine, because I guess there are ways that you need to shroud things for everyone to easily digest. And I’m down with that. And honestly, fucking hats off to Clea, because I don’t have the patience [to do] that.”

On her upcoming adaptation of The Chronology of Water and wanting to cast fellow former child stars:   “…people that we missed, women that just stopped getting hired because they weren’t ‘the girl’ anymore. Not to say they’re not still around. But I want to give really fucking great parts to the people I looked up to when I was little. I want to put [them] in movies.”

Katy O’Brian

On why she loves Love Lies Bleeding: “What I love about this movie is that the queerness isn’t the conflict. It’s the type of film that I, as a queer person, would want to watch — to not have drama around my sexuality, and to just admire these two absolutely whacky individuals.”

On first meeting Kristen Stewart at her audition: “I never thought I’d meet Kristen Stewart. Then I walked in, and she was just there. I was like, Huh, it’s Kristen Stewart. That’s cool. I should just go talk to her and see what the vibe is… [see] if we can do this. So I went up to her and said, ‘Hey, I’m Katy. I’m reading for Jackie. And Kristen is just like, No shit.”


Photographer: Luke Gilford
BTS Director of Photography: Jenna Huskisson
Stylist: Carolina Orrico
Hair Stylist (Stewart): Adir Abergal
Makeup Artist (Stewart): Fiona Stiles
Manicurist (Stewart): Ashlie Johnson
Hair and Makeup (O’Brian): Courtney Housner

[Photo Credit: Luke Gilford for Them Magazine]

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