BRIDGERTON Season 3 London Screening Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 15, 2024

PinLuke Thompson, Claudia Jessie, Luke Newton, Nicola Coughlan, Golda Rosheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, and Martins Imhangbe

The stars of Bridgerton, having done promo work for this series for years now and with the full understanding that they’d likely be standing in front of a Midsommar-esque floral explosion backdrop for the premiere, opted to dress in eye-catching looks to ring in season 3 in London.





Correction: Most of them opted for eye-catching. Let’s assess:

Luke Thompson

These colors should not be working on him, but against this backdrop, they look great on him. The heavy (and huge) hem job on the pants is unfortunate and we are gritting our teeth as we ride out this white socks trend.


Claudia Jessie

The shoes are the most interesting part of the look and from what little we can see of them, they look terrible.


Luke Newton

This is hot and on trend and suits him really well. We just hate the shoe choice.


Nicola Coughlan in Stella McCartney

Girl, you look hot, but the sleeves and the shoes are dumb as hell.


Golda Rosheuvel in Imane Ayissi 

This is really fun and she’s working the hell out of it. We think you need to be uniquely suited to this in order to pull it off and we also think you need to keep the styling as low key as possible. She fits the bill on both counts.


Adjoa Andoh in Molly Goddard

Newp. We cannot. The dress is kind of cute (if not to our tastes), but she’s ill-suited to it. The shoes are cute, but they’re ill-suited to the dress. No part of this look works with any other part of it.


Martins Imhangbe

He’s filling out that shirt very nicely. We like the boots, but the pants feel like missed opportunity to connect the various parts of the outfit.



From Shondaland and new showrunner, Jess Brownell, Bridgerton is back for its third season and finds Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) has finally given up on her long-held crush on Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) after hearing his disparaging words about her last season. She has, however, decided it’s time to take a husband, preferably one who will provide her with enough independence to continue her double life as Lady Whistledown, far away from her mother and sisters. But lacking in confidence, Penelope’s attempts on the marriage mart fail spectacularly. Meanwhile, Colin has returned from his summer travels with a new look and a serious sense of swagger. But he’s disheartened to realize that Penelope, the one person who always appreciated him as he was, is giving him the cold shoulder. Eager to win back her friendship, Colin offers to mentor Penelope in the ways of confidence to help her find a husband this season. But when his lessons start working a little too well, Colin must grapple with whether his feelings for Penelope are truly just friendly. Complicating matters for Penelope is her rift with Eloise (Claudia Jessie), who has found a new friend in a very unlikely place, while Penelope’s growing presence in the ton makes it all the more difficult to keep her Lady Whistledown alter ego a secret.
Part 1 premieres globally May 16th; Part 2 premieres globally June 13th.

[Photo Credit: Yui Mok/PA Images/INSTARimages – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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