London Fashion Week: Burberry Fashion Show Front Row

Posted on September 19, 2023


The stars came out for the privilege of sitting front row at the Burberry show in London. The price of admission? Their dignity! Watch as they all try to make their ugly outfits seem somehow less so! Acting!


Barry Keoghan

Inexplicably, he looks really hot and cute in this. We can’t get mad at it. We can, however, get mad at some of these other fits.


Gabrielle Union

Like, for instance, a shapeless lump of a coat over a pair of patterned tights and clashing high-heeled thongs. Try saying that out loud without making it sound horrible. We like the wavy plaid effect at the bottom of the coat, but it’s lost in all of the other elements.


Jessie Buckley

No. This is stupid.


Jodie Comer

She’s trying so hard to lend those wading boots some chicness, but it’s just not happening, girl. They never should’ve been paired with that dress, which is kind of cutely underwhelming.


Kylie Minogue

It is a crime to put this sparkly disco queen in such a dreary coat and those hideous … we’ll call them “shoes” to be kind about it.


Naomi Ackie

We could possibly love the sweater and the pants if either of them were part of another outfit. That bag is a small animal.


Rachel Weisz

Burberry’s really into hunter greens and purples this season, hunh? Another overwhelming coat, another pair of hideous pants, another questionable shoe choice.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham

Credit to them both; they look pretty great. Aside from her ridiculous “shoes,” that is.


Taylor Zakhar Perez

The only reason this outfit works – if it works at all – is because a gorgeous person is wearing it. Don’t be fooled.



[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages]

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