Letitia Wright in Alexander McQueen at the ELLE Style Awards 2023: IN or OUT?

Posted on September 06, 2023


We promised you an ensemble more discussable than Gemma Chan’s slip dress and we like to deliver on our word, so here it is, darlings. Letitia Wright hit the red carpet at the Elle Style Awards in the latest iteration of the reliable ladytux:





We think it’s kind of fabulous, although the proportions only just barely work. We wonder if the pants could’ve used a slightly lower waist than the one she’s sporting. We also wonder if the pants might have worked better with a little flare to them, or even if they were in a fuller cut, which is a bit more on trend at the moment. The embellishments are fabulous, but they look a bit heavy and overwhelming on a cropped jacket. We could be convinced on all of these points, but the one thing we hate is the uneven bottom of the jacket. While it’s true that we tend to wrinkle our noses at asymmetry in fashion generally, this just looks like a sewing mistake to us. Having said all of that and nitpicked this thing to death, our overall impression is a positive one, though. She looks sharp, even if some of the details bug a little. But for once, it doesn’t matter what we think, darlings. This one’s all on you:

Letitia Wright’s Uneven Ladytux:

IN or OUT? 


Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Suit

Styled by Shiona Turini
[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages]

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