Jennifer Aniston Covers WSJ. MAGAZINE’s Fall Women’s Fashion Issue!

Posted on August 23, 2023


‘Power Player’ Jennifer Aniston is WSJ. MAGAZINE’s Fall Woman’s Style issue cover star! The piece features a stunning portfolio of images of the actor/producer in looks from Chanel, Gucci and Rick Owens, photographed by Gray Sorrenti, with styling by Claire Richardson. 

As an actor and a producer, Jennifer Aniston keeps a foot in two worlds. So it’s fitting that when she enters a room in her Los Angeles home, she sits down on the rug in a split, her legs nearly 180 degrees to the left and right. If metaphors did Pilates, they’d look like this.

It’s a casually confident entrance that can only be pulled off by someone who has walked the earth as a celebrity far longer than she has as a civilian.

But there’s business just under that breezy introduction. While contemporaries like Reese Witherspoon are known for leading entertainment empires, Aniston is more of a stealth mogul, a veteran who launched a production company before actress-producers were everywhere in Hollywood but who, until recently, never threw herself into that dual role in such a visible way. Now she’s poised to amp up her production company with new projects, exerting more hands-on involvement in her work than at any prior point in her career.




Aniston on her approach: “There was a time in my world, my career, where I realized it’s not being aggressive or combative or bitchy or emotional to stand up for what you deserve and what you want. It’s a tough muscle to build. And also be loved and respected. It’s hard to achieve.”

Aniston on her “chick club” behind the camera: “Being that we’re female, there’s a level of understanding, compassion and consideration that I think doesn’t always exist amongst the dudes,”

Aniston on her business ethos:  “I’m a businesswoman who’s got a crunchy side,” she says with a shrug, explaining why she brought up subjects like her psychics, and the time one of them predicted she would meet Pitt—not him specifically, but a description that fit him.

“It was one of our big rules up front,” she says of ‘The Morning Show.’ “No assholes.”

“Make sure you’re getting in bed with people you’re going to be happy to wake up with in the morning,” she says of vetting business partners.

Aniston on the formative experience of ‘Friends’: ‘Friends’ continues to loom large for the actress, who still wears Rachel’s red loafers and a floral dress belonging to Monica, her show friend played by her real friend Courteney Cox. She hangs onto not just the sentimental leftovers of the show that ran from 1994 to 2004, but the business acumen that came from it. “It taught us everything,” she says.

Aniston on cancel culture: “I’m so over cancel culture,” she says. “I probably just got canceled by saying that. I just don’t understand what it means…. Is there no redemption? I don’t know. I don’t put everybody in the Harvey Weinstein basket.”


WSJ. MAGAZINE’s Fall Woman’s Style issue is available on newsstands Saturday, September 2nd.


[Photo Credit: Gray Sorrenti for WSJ. Magazine]

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