Rebecca Ferguson Covers Town & Country’s Summer 2023 ‘Travel’ Issue

Posted on June 06, 2023


Rebecca Ferguson covers Town & Country’s Summer 2023 ‘Travel’ issue photographed by Luc Braquet and styled by Karen Clarkson.





On how being a parent has been pivotal to her performance in the Dune films and her understanding of her character, Lady Jessica, the mother of Timothée Chalamet’s Paul: “She’s a mom protecting and training someone, something. I say something because she knows [she’s dealing with] an entity bigger than themselves. When Paul starts going off, she begins losing power, and it puts her on an unpredicted journey to discover who we are in response to other people. That’s when we find ourselves again.”

On improvising and being pushed beyond her comfort zone, which has happened frequently on the Mission: Impossible films: “We don’t really work with scripts.  someone who likes structure, I find it tricky, but it makes me confront the fact that I have zero control. There is method to the madness.”

On how the upcoming Mission Impossible movie Dead Reckoning ups the ante: “I can tell you it is an explosive, dynamic film with incredible stunts you’ve never seen before.” she says.

On how she is cognizant that being known for characters like Ilsa and Lady Jessica may limit her ability to escape typecasting as an action hero version of the so-called “strong female character”: “I feel frustrated by the pitfall of doing things that are not com- pletely different, from a creative aspect,” she says. “People enjoy what I do, but it’s recognized in a similar way. It makes me see that I’m trying to put together something that is shaped by other people, and I want to break out of it.”

On what she would like to do to free herself from preconceived expectations and typecasting: “It changes all the time,” she says. “I enjoy real stories and real people, but if I go back in history, whose story am I going to tell?” What she’d rather do is discover a script that grapples with messy humanity, the kind we all live with when we’re not super-spies or in a universe 20,000 years in the future. “That’s what I want to do,” she says, “but I don’t know where to find it.”


[Photo Credit: Luc Braquet for Town & Country Magazine]

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