Pop Style Opinionfest: TV Talk: The Young Queer Joy of GLAMOROUS and the Dreariness of AND JUST LIKE THAT…

Posted on June 23, 2023


It’s an ALL-TV TALK episode of the PSO. The time has come for us to finally dive into season 2 of And Just Like That…, which we do with great gusto, unpacking all of our thoughts on the storylines, characters, and fashion. We did an interview with the LA Times about what the show got wrong last season and we use that as a jumping-off point to talk about whether or not things have improved at all.



But before we get into all of THAT, we had to weigh in on Netflix’s very savvily-timed release of Kim Cattrall’s new series, Glamorous.




It’s very gay.


So are we. Thank you for listening, darlings!

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix, Craig Blankenhorn/Max – Video Credit: Max/YouTube, Netflix/YouTube]

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