Pop Style Opinionfest: The Optimism of THE BEAR and the Staleness of AND JUST LIKE THAT…

Posted on June 30, 2023


It’s another ALL-TV TAWK episode of the PSO, darlings! First up, our recap of Ladies, What The Hell Are You Doing? aka, Miranda, Who ARE You? aka And Just Like That…, the latest episode of which felt a little more like the characters we know, except not funny at all. Having said that, some of them got storylines that felt true and correct for them and others got written as if they were idiots or worse.

After that, we take a deep dive all the way into season 2 of The Bear. The fights! The yelling! The food! The personal growth! The insane number of high profile cameos! The fights! Did we mention the fights? One of us loved this season but thought it had more than its share of problems. The other one doesn’t think he’s coming back for the next season. Which is which? Download to find out!


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of FX, Craig Blakenhorn/Max]

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