Pop Style Opinionfest: The Artifice of Wes Anderson’s ASTEROID CITY and the Legacy of International Male

Posted on June 16, 2023


Darlings, it’s an ALL MOVIE TAWK episode of the PSO! First, in a tip of our imaginary hats to Pride month, we review the documentary All Man: The International Male Story (available to rent on most movie streaming sites) and unpack just how important the iconic menswear catalog was to late 20th century gay male life. We also go further than the film was willing to go and show how the brand had a broader, wider, and perhaps more insidious effect on queer men in ways that aren’t often articulated.

After that, it’s a deep dive into the artifice of filmmaker Wes Anderson, with a non-spoiler review of his latest, Asteroid City, and a broader discussion about how it fits alongside other films in his oeuvre, perhaps acting as a culmination of several decades of aesthetic expression.



We sound all intellectual-like when we put it that way, but we promise it’s the same chatty convo you’ve come to expect from these two talkative bitches. Thank you for listening!

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Focus Features, Courtesy of Bright Iris Film – Video Credit: Focus Features/YouTube, Peter Jones Productions/YouTube]

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