Lindsay Lohan is ALLURE’s June Cover Star

Posted on June 12, 2023


 In her first interview since announcing her pregnancy, Lindsey Lohan opens up to Allure about her excitement about becoming a mother, what’s next in her career, and why she is the happiest she has ever been.



On Jamie Lee Curtis’ advice on how to balance work and motherhood: “I spoke to Jamie Lee Curtis recently. And she was like, ‘You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine’.”

On her experience living in Dubai for the last eight years: “Sometimes, I call it The Truman Show, because it’s the same thing every day. But I love it. I really love structure, because I didn’t think I had that when I was young. Everything was coming so fast and I had so many things happening. My only structure was filming and being on set.”

On her interest in producing more romance comedies and what she plans to do next: “I know that arena so well. I’ve dreamed of working with Scorsese and del Toro, but I’m not going to try and exec-produce their movies. I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, I want to do a Marvel.’ Do I want to build my own brand? Do I want to relaunch a new production company? All of these kinds of things I can take time to think about. Dubai gives me that space to have my own vision of what I need to do next.”

On becoming a mom: “I can’t wait to see what the feeling is and what it’s like to just be a mom. Happy tears. That’s just who I am. Though now, it’s probably baby emotion. It’s overwhelming in a good way.”


[Photo Credit: Ben Hassett for Allure Magazine]

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