2023 Cannes Film Festival: The ASTEROID CITY Photocall

Posted on May 25, 2023

The cast of Asteroid City posed in a range of goofy outfits or total duds for the Cannes photo call ahead of the premiere. We’re just warning you now.


Bryan Cranston

This would be acceptable (but dull) if he wasn’t wearing those horrible pants, which look like something you put on to paint a room.


Jake Ryan in Dior Homme

A little too GrandpaCore for our tastes. A 90-year-old should be wearing this.


Jason Schwartzman in Prada

A little more formal and businesslike than it needs to be, but we’re not mad at it.


Jeffrey Wright

It could’ve been a pretty cute look, but the jacket is too tight and the laceless shoes are a little unsettling.


Matt Dillon

This is bad. You can do better than this. Nothing fits and everything looks old.


Maya Hawke in Schiaparelli

We honestly love it, but we think the design would be a little cleaner if you edited out three or four buttons and spaced the remainder out evenly. Still, it’s eye-catching, rich, and looks like high fashion.


Rupert Friend in Ralph Lauren

It’s borderline cosplay, in that it feels like he’s doing a pastiche of a whole bunch of old school international movie stars, from Cary Grant to Marcello Mastroianni. Our first impulse is to be a little underwhelmed by that, but if we’re being honest, we know we’d swoon over any gal doing Brigitte Bardot cosplay at Cannes so… goose/gander, things of that nature.


Scarlett Johansson in Prada

A cute dress rendered in a not great shape.


Stephen Park

Works for us.


Steve Carell

Fine, but a little dour. We think Carrell sheds a lot of personality when he’s doing his serious actor thing.


[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages, IPA/INSTARimages]

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