Ed McVey as Prince William on the Set of THE CROWN

Posted on March 15, 2023

When these shots of actor Ed McVey as Prince William filming scenes for the next season of The Crown in Scotland came out, we had one of those eerie-to-outsiders, marriage/co-publisher mind meld moments where we blurted out the same thing at the same time.



Good God, the amount of feverish press releases, statements, and celebrity admonishments will be epic in scale, won’t it? Charles is trying to establish himself as King and William is extremely touchy about anyone having opinions about him. They are NOT going to take this quietly. It’s got to suck watching yourself portrayed, but Queen Elizabeth silently endured literally hundreds of portrayals when you factor in all of the parodies; thousands if you include the drag queens. We will, of course, be gleefully recapping the season and just as gleefully watching the sputtering statements coming out of Clarence House and Kensington Palace – or wherever they’ll all be living when the estates and castles get divvied up.

[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages]

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