Christian Dior Couture Fashion Show Front Row

Posted on January 24, 2023

The girlies all came out for Dior! And by that we mean they came out to the Dior show and also they came out for free Dior merch to wear. Let’s assess!


Anya Taylor-Joy

Love the jacket, but every other item has some sort of issue. The vest is weirdly shaped, the lace insert on the skirt is distracting, and there’s no way in hell those boots go with the rest of it.


Charithra Chandran

It’s hard to get a read on it in this lighting, but we don’t see anything objectionable here.



Elizabeth Debicki

The skirt is gorgeous and the jacket is fine, but the sheer top looks silly. This is not a style that calls for an exposed bra.



So pretty – and perfectly styled. It’s all a little precious bordering on twee, but she’s good at handling that kind of style.


Kirsten Dunst

Kiki, we love you, which is why we’re so mad about your pants. You deserve better. You look like you work in a slaughterhouse.



Maisie Williams

The crossed-leg pose with that weird-ass skirt is making her look deformed. Love that corseted bustier, though.


Rachel Zegler

That’s a terrible color for her. The skirt’s okay, but the bra top is giving her underboob and we just don’t see how wearing belts over your bare exposed belly is a comfortable or normal thing to do.


Rebecca Ferguson

It feels like they just handed her a Dune costume to wear.


Rosamund Pike

This is the least cray thing she’s ever worn in public. Roz, you shouldn’t have let them do this to you.


Yara Shahidi

We’re surprised to find ourselves admitting that this is pretty. We keep trying to mount a critique against the color story or the bust design, but it all really works for her.




[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Christian Dior]

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