Pop Style Opinionfest: The Biden White House Wedding and a Deep Dive on TÁR

Posted on November 25, 2022

It’s our special Black Friday/stuffed with food podcast, for all the kittens who are out shopping deals and need something to listen to or home drifting in and out of food comas and need something to keep them stimulated. Or just for you, who finds everything we say fascinating. We have a few things to get off our manly chests this week. First up: the White House wedding.


Of course we talk about the fashions, but we also get into the minor faux scandal surrounding the accompanying Vogue editorial and why it pissed off a bunch of WH correspondents. The scandal was dumb, but we think Democrats in particular need to start saying no more often to these Vogue editorials. We’ll explain why.

Also, TÁR! It’s the film everyone can’t stop talking about and we’re adding ourselves to those ranks with this podcast.



Lorenzo gives his thoughts from the perspective of a classically trained musician and Tom gives his thoughts from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know much about that world at all.

We’re both in agreement that it’s a film well worth your time, with an astonishing performance from Cate Blanchett and some smart examinations of some very modern topics, from cancel culture to social media to the “Me Too” movement, as well as a sharp and biting look at the .01% of the art world and how their success and accompanying pretension inevitably turns them into shells of human beings. Heady stuff! But we try to keep it fun and light.





[Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for Vogue Magazine, Adam Schultz/White House via CNP/Cover Images, Courtesy of Focus Features – Video Credit: Focus Features/YouTube]

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