Venice Film Festival 2022: Julianne Moore in Celine and Valentino at the WHITE NOISE Photocall and Premiere

Posted on September 01, 2022

When a star wears a truly terrible outfit to which we bestow our loving spotlight treatment, we always try to do right by them when they follow it up with much better style attempts. Miss Julianne delivered a head-scratcher of a dress earlier this week at the Venice Film Festival which inspired a consensus reply of “You better put this on the worst-dressed of the year list, T Lo.” We are happy to report, that she followed up that horrorfrock with two pretty decent looks.



We said “pretty decent.” We didn’t say “perfect.” We like the suit, partially because the sort of pale yellow-to-ecru color is an unusual one; not just for her but for the red carpet in general. There’s a chic, understated subtlety to it. We keep having to say this over and over again, but here goes one more time: We’re fine that everyone’s embraced the slouchy, oversized suit. It’s been circling back in style once a decade for fifty years now. But there’s slouchy and then there’s just…square. A tapered leg or a nipped jacket is not the point of a suit cut this way, but we can’t help thinking it’s just a little too blocky for her. Also, those shoes are a terrible choice. The toe box is too long and pointy for such a wide legged pant and the color is kind of awful.




You know what? Tired as we are of the sheer gown, we’ll give her this one, even if the design isn’t particularly fresh. It’s not a style well she returns to often and besides, she looks legitimately great in it. Love the earrings.





Style Credits:
First Look: Celine Suit from the Spring 2022 Collection
Second Look: Valentino Tulle Illusione Embroidered and Beaded Gown and Cape from the Resort 2023 Collection

Styled by Kate Young


[Photo Credit: Alberto Terenghi/IPA/ Images, Rocco Spaziani/DPA/Cover Images,,]

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