Natalie Portman in Dior at BUILD Series

Posted on December 14, 2018

We just want to put it out there up front that we did not plan to be total bitches about this. Then again, do total bitches ever truly PLAN to be total bitches, or is being a total bitch just an essential part of one’s nature? A question for the ages. And for another day, because we’ve got work to do. Now stand back and watch us bitch.


We really wanted to like this look. The coat is absolutely gorgeous and the rest of the look has a sassy, savvy, stylish street vibe to it, with just a hint of Jackie O-style glamour. But the more we look at this, the more we come to the realization that the coat is not only the part we love the most, but it’s the only part we love at all. We hate almost everything else, which seems like a bit of an over-reaction since it’s all fairly standard and generic. But that’s the issue: It’s all so standard and generic. A black turtleneck may be a classic look, especially paired with a houndstooth coat – and we’d have gotten over our natural disdain for them if it had been paired well. BUt those pants are awful, the sandals look weird with a cold-weather ensemble and even the shades feel like a bland choice for something that should be effortlessly fabulous for any star. High-end shades are practically dumped on them by the truck load, so there’s no excuse for sporting boring frames. Yes, we’re being nitpicky, but this style is so easy to pull together once you have the killer jacket. It’s frustrating to see the details flubbed like this.




Style Credits:
Christian Dior Black and White Houndstooth Blazer

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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