The Paramount UK Launch London Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 21, 2022

The stars came out in London for the UK launch of Paramount + and we have to say, we’re impressed by the collective okayness of their style choices! Is that damning with faint praise? Possibly, but let’s not get carried away here.



Chiwetel Ejiofor in Hermès

The jacket has some interesting details and if ever there was a man who could pull off that dickey-looking thing, it would be him. Also, we feel the need to ask for a small round of applause for coining the phrase “dickey-looking thing.” This is the kind of high-quality fashion commentary you can only get from independent blogging.




David Oyelowo

That color looks fantastic on him and we’re enjoying his recent turn toward minimalism in his style.




Faith Hill (in Alessandra Rich)and Tim McGraw

They both look pretty great, but we’d like her suit a lot more if the jacket was buttoned.




Holland Roden in RVN

This feels like one of those dresses that’s probably okay in person but comes off overdesigned and overdone in pictures.




Kevin Costner

It’s fine. We wouldn’t expect any different from him. He’s a pro.



Matthew Goode

Also fine, but boring. Do better, Matthew.




Melanie Linskey

This is gorgeous on her, but we wish the hem went to the floor. Love the bracelets.




Michael Shannon in Prada

The fit in the jacket is a little off, but it’s a really cute summertime look.




Miranda Cosgrove in Maje

Low key pretty and profesh. It gets the job done.




Naomie Harris in Keburia

Everything about this look is too complicated for its own good.




Pablo Schreiber in Damari

We feel like he wears purple suits a lot, but if that’s that case, we can’t say it’s not working for him.




Sonequa Martin-Green

A simple, but great classic look. Love the hair.




Sylvester Stallone

He’s Stallone and thus completely beyond fashion critique. Look at his belt buckle, for Pete’s sake. Let’s the Stallone be the Stallone, we say. Shiny suit and all.




Tyler Hoechlin

You’re too hot to be wearing this goofy-ass look, sir.




Tyler Posey

A shame about the pants situation, but that’s what happens when you insist on this skinny cuts. Despite needing that last-second zhuzh, it’s not a bad look for him.




[Photo Credit: Joe Maher/Getty Images for Paramount+]

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