Brad Pitt Covers GQ’s August Issue

Posted on June 23, 2022


Brad Pitt covers the August 2022 issue of GQ magazine photographed by Elizaveta Porodina and styled by Jon Tietz.





Mining his dreams for what meaning they might contain, he says, is a part of that process. As is plumbing his own past for the wisdom that comes from his challenges. “Out here in California,” he says, “there’s a lot of talk about ‘being your authentic self.’ It would plague me, what does ‘authentic’ mean? [For me] it was getting to a place of acknowledging those deep scars that we carry.”

“I’m one of those creatures that speaks through art,” Pitt explains. “I just want to always make. If I’m not making, I’m dying in some way.” Of course, Pitt has also made more than merely movies: sculpture, furniture, homes.

“Because music fills me with so much joy. I think joy’s been a newer discovery, later in life. I was always moving with the currents, drifting in a way, and onto the next. I think I spent years with a low-grade depression, and it’s not until coming to terms with that, trying to embrace all sides of self—the beauty and the ugly—that I’ve been able to catch those moments of joy.”


Photographs by Elizaveta Porodina
Styled by Jon Tietz
Hair by Josh Marquette
Makeup by Stacey Panepinto


[Photo Credit: Elizaveta Porodina/GQ Magazine]

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