Hayden Christensen at the OBI-WAN KENOBI” Marathon Screening Event in Toronto

Posted on June 23, 2022

We never did get around to reviewing Obi-Wan Kenobi, but we have a really good excuse as to why: It was boring and pointless. Or, as we put it regarding the finale in a tweet yesterday. “Gosh, we hope all of these character that we know for a fact live another ten to sixty years don’t die.” Of course that’s always the problem with prequels but the entire climax of the series rested entirely on putting all of the characters we know survive into some sort of danger, mostly ignoring the new characters introduced to the series. It was a baffling, underwhelming choice. Having said that, it sure was fun to see [SPOILER] Darth Vader get his ass beat so effectively. One thing the series got right was bringing Hayden Christensen back into the Star Wars fold, decades after he left it bitterly. He deserved a chance to rehab his take on Anakin and we think he ran with it. His scenes with Ewan were great.

Anyway, fashion:


When we first saw these shots we didn’t think we were going to feature them because the ensemble looked so generic and so clearly chosen to evoke a certain Vader-like quality. Then we saw the outfit with the coat off:


And while we wouldn’t call that top an improvement, it’s at least not boring or generic. We hope he gets a lot of offers from this job and we hope he eventually realizes that he doesn’t have to do “Darth Vader but make it fashion” for his public appearances.





[Photo Credit: George Pimentel/Disney]

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