Variety’s 2022 Power of Women Event Red Carpet

Posted on May 06, 2022

A bunch of celebrity ladies came together last night to celebrate their power. This week of all weeks! Irony, you’re kind of an asshole. Anyway, let’s take a look, shall we?




Amanda Seyfried in Oscar de la Renta

We do like the current trend for fitted tops with voluminous pants but we don’t think this works as well as it could because the different textiles can’t allow for an exact match.




Amber Ruffin

Love the textile of the suit, but we wish the pants had either been more fitted or more voluminous in that trendy way we just mentioned. A yellow blouse is good idea, but not a satin one.



Billy Porter

We’re always happier to see him embracing flamboyance without returning to the femme fashion tropes he revolutionized. Not because he can’t or he shouldn’t, but because he’s done it so many times that it just feels fresher when he goes in this direction, which is fierce and fabulous. Love the pants.




Camila Cabello in Maria Lucia Hohan

Insert dog drinking coffee meme here: This is fine. We’re not sure the boots really work with it, though.




Drew Barrymore

How much more Drew could a look possibly get? None. None more Drew. We don’t love the print or the shape, but we bet she does.




Emily Ratajkowski

She had us until we got to the shoes.




Kim Cattrall

This is fabulous and we love the shoes, although they don’t look easy to wear.



Queen Latifah

We’re not crazy about the shape, but this dress has real presence, and that’s kind of her style sweet spot. Love the clutch.





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