Met Gala 2022: Billie Eilish in Gucci

Posted on May 03, 2022

On the one hand, we appreciate just how hard Billie Eilish went regarding the theme and dress code of the night, serving a Gucci look that’s as much Gilded Age streetwalker as it is Gilded Age socialite. On the other hand…


Sweet Jesus on a breadstick, girl. What on earth have you done to your boobs? We don’t claim to be experts on the matter, but we’re thinking you’re gonna spend the next week icing them up or putting a heating pad on them, because you are torturing those poor things.

As with last year’s Marilyn-inspired look, we find ourselves surprised and intrigued by where and when she’ll decide to completely abandon her usual style preferences of loose clothing, dark colors and full coverage for an event like this. While we admire the choice and the commitment to it, we think the dress is pretty ugly, with an eye-searing color combination and cheap-looking textiles.



Style Credits:
– Custom Gucci Upcycled Duchesse Satin Corseted Gown with Lace Underlay and Gathered Duchesse Satin Skirt with Padded Bustle and A Tonal Duchesse Corsage
Fred Leighton Jewelry
Wolford Tights
Jimmy Choo Shoes

Styled by Dena Neustadter Giannini


[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/, ABACA/, Jennifer Graylock/]

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