Cannes Film Festival 2022: Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham at the MOTHER AND SON Premiere

Posted on May 31, 2022

Queen Helen of the sovereign nation of Fuckinfantastica shimmered and shimmied on the Cannes red carpet for the premiere of Mother and Son. Love the dress, but we have questions about some of the styling choices.





Actually, we want to start off by amending the one point we made. We like the dress. We don’t entirely love it because of that loose sloppiness of that collar and the length of those sleeves. They bug. Were black pumps the way to go here? We’re gonna say no, although they’re not so much wrong as they feel like they’re pulling focus. She’s really leaning into the long hair (sporting a suspicious sudden growth of about a foot), which tends to fly in the face of how the beauty industry advises women her age. In other words, there’s a lot of pressure for her to keep it short and sassy. We think there’s a lot of witchy-chic drama in that long white mane, but we don’t love her tendency to wear it so tight against her head. We feel kind of the same about the winged eye. It’s strongly declarative and defies a lot of older-women beauty tropes, which means we kind of love that she goes for it. On the other hand, it’s harsh and in combination with the severe hair, it tends to give her something of a costume-y feel. She looks like a character in a fantasy or sci-fi movie. Is that bad? You tell us.






Style Credits:
Jenny Packham Silver Metallic ‘Raven’ Gown from the Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Styled by Lee Harris | Hair by Stephane Lancien | Makeup by Kristina Vidic


[Photo Credit: PA Images/, IPA/,]

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