Cannes Film Festival 2022: Bella Hadid in Versace, Vintage Chanel and Vintage Gucci

Posted on May 27, 2022

We said the other day that Bella Hadid was one of the few models who can really justify her presence on a Cannes red carpet. By that we mean that she routinely shows up in really interesting, often difficult-to-wear pieces, sometimes pulling from vintage collections, and she always poses for maximum drama without looking silly or lost or out of place, the way so many other models can look in this setting. It’s like she recalibrates her model settings from runway to red carpet.



At Chopard’s 75th Anniversary Dinner in Versace

Not to overstate things, of course. She is, after all, there to pose in pretty dresses. She does it well and she manages to own the venue while doing it. She’s got that model’s skill of making the unworkable look effortless and she has a true fashionista’s appreciation for fashion history. It sets her apart.




At Chopard’s “Chopard Loves Cinema” Dinner in Vintage Chanel

Her sweet spot is in working slinky, nearly impossible pieces to pull off, but she can switch things up when she wants to. She never sacrifices drama or shows up in something generic. She never wears something she can’t handle.




At the Broker Premiere in Vintage Gucci

To be fair, there’s not much in the world of high fashion and unwearable styles that she can’t handle. All of this stuff is designed with her exact body in mind, after all. We won’t claim she’s working at a high difficulty setting, but we appreciate the little bits of runway she manages to serve up in the midst of all the Cannes red carpet chaos. She’s good at what she does and she can do it anywhere. That’s a supermodel.



[Photo Credit: ABACA/, Manuele Mangiarotti/IPA/]

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