RUSSIAN DOLL Star Natasha Lyonne in Schiaparelli for INSTYLE Magazine

Posted on April 18, 2022

Natasha Lyonne Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before. Ahead of “Russian Doll” season 2, the show’s co-creator and star tackles life’s big questions — and some very big looks for Instyle magazine



On her 40s: “I wish someone had told me that 40 is when you start peaking,” she says. “We got to tell these girls, like, it is a mess before. I want to be a divorced dad swathed in Gucci with good hair and makeup.”


On Chloë Sevigny guest starring this season: “I present as a real tough guy, which, to be clear, I am. But the truth is that I’ve always been a softie, and I get very emotional. Chloë is my safe person in this life. The way her skin feels and the way her hair smells is so familiar to me. I’ve been through so many dark moments, like, on the brink of not being sure if I was going to make it, and it was like Chloë’s skin there; my head was in her neck.”


On her friendship with Maya Rudolph: “Maya is another one of those 20-years-plus friends. That’s mostly what I do now, walk around like [takes a drag of her cigarette], “20 years!” [Laughs] Animal has been exactly what we dreamed of. We wanted to create a space for other people to do their stuff in a great way. I have an office [I love], and all of the walls are whiteboards so I can write my ideas all over the place. It’s just books and ideas. I make spreadsheets where I write down all of the songs [I want to use] and play whack-a-mole trying to decide which ones can make the budget work.”


On her successful career: “It’s pretty amazing. It feels like everything is growing into itself. You see all of these seeds we’ve been planting for the last four years growing. As I said, I’m getting soft, so these are the things that make me very emo.”



Style Credits:
Schiaparelli Top and Pants from the Spring 2022 Collection
Tohum Earrings
Ben Amun Ring


[Photo Credit: Daniel Clavero/InStyle Magazine, Daniel Roseberry/Courtesy of Schiaparelli]

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