Posted on April 10, 2022

The Top Five get put through their paces on a music video challenge and the results are apparently not revealing at all. Everyone gets to stay another week! And while we’ve been mostly ambivalent/borderline supportive of the show just letting itself be a drag revue and not worrying too much about eliminations this season, the fact remains that a competition that doesn’t act like a competition tends to make for a boring competition after a while.


We got the usual round of Tic-Tac exit interviews, which become less illuminating or interesting with each passing season. Every queen knows what’s expected of her here and they just hand their platitudes and observations about life to Ru on a platter so that he can then add a couple of Ru-isms and offer anodyne, borderline meaningless bits of advice. There’s nothing particularly real or sincere about any of it. It’s as interesting as watching a job interview. Everyone’s just doing or saying what’s expected of them.

The one fun twist to the challenge: the queens got to sketch designs of their costumes and gay elves came in the night to make their sketches come true:

Bosco learned a lesson about how sketches don’t always line up with reality. Angeria did a Beyonce-esque body suit, but the shoulders were too big. Daya and Camden ate this one up; both of them designed and served killer pop star drag. Willow’s design was actually cute, but it felt more like fashion than stagewear.

The video was actually pretty great and served as a perfect homage to the iconic “Too Funky” video. As for their performances, our assessments are mostly in line with the judges. Camden and Daya were fantastic. The former is now our ride-or-die for the win and the latter has, in our opinion, absolutely made her case for being in the finale. Both of them clawed their way to this point because no one saw them as frontrunners in the beginning. Bosco was good, but not great. Putting Angeria and Willow in the bottom made sense, we’re sorry to say. They both came off a little timid in comparison to the top queens.


It’s good to see her out of the corsets and panties, but this isn’t a great dress design and everything from the neck up is something she’s served a dozen times already this season. We like Bosco, but going into the finale, we consider her extremely limited.



Credit where it’s due: A bitch can serve a look like no one else this season. You’ve got to have some real skills to make such understated style look like high drag.


The judges loved this look but we thought it was kind of ugly. The concept is fine, but that yellow and white fabric is underwhelming.


Just give this bitch her crown already. She’s a star. This is amazing.



The makeup is gorgeous and we love the concept, but we don’t quite get the design. Her skin is made up to match the bodice of the dress, which sort of makes the corset look like a bustier, but then she’s got puffy sleeves. We love Willow and still consider her a frontrunner, but she didn’t exactly come out strong this episode. She did, however, give a very touching response to her baby picture.

When Willow and Angeria admitted that they didn’t want to face the finale without each other, it was all but written in stone that they would be lip syncing by the end of the episode. Still, they really were fairly weak this week and we don’t think anyone else deserved to be in the bottom in their places.


It pains us to say this, but we think Willow was the clear winner here. Angeria can be awfully stiff during a musical number. We wouldn’t have loved to see her go, but keeping her in for the finale after a full season of elimination shenanigans didn’t feel so much like a reprieve for a queen with more to give as it did part of a season-long effort to downplay eliminations entirely.



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[Photo Credit: VH1 via Tom and Lorenzo]

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