Naomi Watts in Christian Dior at the New York Academy of Art’s Tribeca Ball

Posted on April 20, 2022

Naomi Watts served a little style rerun, which gives us the opportunity to re-assess.


She originally wore this dress five years ago and we put it up to an “IN or OUT?” vote at the time, with the results being somewhat mixed, but leaning toward OUT. It’s kind of funny to read our objections to it at the time, which came down to “the combination of whimsical applique over a prairie funeral dress may be a bit too incongruous to work,” given how many prairie dresses, funeral dresses, and whimsical styles we’ve been subjected to in the years since. After years of commenting on Gucci and Louis Vuitton WTFery, not to mention the rise in popularity of brands like Schiaparelli and Loewe among the celebrity set, the “whimsy” of this frock feels so low-key as to not be worth mentioning. To be fair, we still don’t like the applique, which looks like the kind of children’s drawing you’d find on refrigerators the world over, but the actual juxtaposition of whimsy and darkness doesn’t really seem all that notable anymore. We don’t love this dress, but we don’t hate it either. We do like it better with the white jacket, though.



Style Credits:
Christian Dior from the Spring 2018 Collection

Styled by Jeanann Williams | Hair by Ryan Trygstad | Makeup by Mark Ryan Salon


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/]

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