Naomi Watts in Christian Dior at the 2017 Guggenheim International Gala: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 17, 2017

Her best bud Nic stepped out in a darkly whimsical Dior earlier this week, so Miss Naomi opted to do the same.


And we’re struggling with this one. We don’t hate it so much as we’re just not feeling it. We can tell that our prediction about celebrity red carpetry going black during this scandal-filled time is coming true, and that prospect fills us with grumpiness at the idea of such a funereal awards season looming on the horizon. The world is dark and full of terrors and we just want our stars to provide us with a little sparkle and glamour at this juncture. Is that so much to ask? Is it? 

As you can see, we are perhaps a bit too emotional about all of this to make an assessment of Naomi’s frock. But before we retire to our fainting couches to sniff our scented hankies, we’ll say that it’s at least one of the better Diors we’ve seen lately, even if the combination of whimsical applique over a prairie funeral dress may be a bit too incongruous to work. Nicole’s dress, even without the applique, had a whimsical quality to it already. This is just a very standard dress with one big, honking element to draw the eye.

But that’s just us, too verklempt to make a judgment. The final call is yours, kittens. Make it well. We’ll be back after we’ve had a lie-down and splashed some water on our wrists.


Naomi Watts’ Whimsical Widow-Wear:

IN or OUT?



Style Credits:
Christian Dior Black Embroidered Dress with Collar Detailing from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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