The National Board of Review Awards Gala Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 17, 2022

Let’s do one more awards season rundown, just for the heck of it. The stars came out to semi-shine for the National Board of Review Gala and these are the ones whose style choices caught our eyes, for good or bad.



Alana Haim in Marni

She looks very pretty, but someone needs to talk her out of wearing green so much on the red carpet. It’s really not her color. We like the shape and style of the gown, but those nipple darts are terrible. We’ve mentioned them before, but we kinda love that tacky metallic sandals are back in style.




Aunjanue Ellis

We love that she dresses like a rock star for these sorts of events. We could love this entire ensemble if it fit her better and wasn’t rendered in such hellaciously unphotogenic textiles. Even then, we’d wave her away from a turtleneck paired with dangling earrings.



Julianne Moore in Valentino Couture

Why Miss Moore. You’re positively minimal, dear. We don’t have objections to any of these items, but she’s not a “white and silver” gal. She’s a “black and gold” one. This would all look a lot better on her if the colors were more flattering to her.




Morena Baccarin in The Danes New York

Can’t argue with a thing here. She looks lovely.



Will Smith

Mr. Smith has completely transformed his style in the wake of his critically acclaimed role and we hope he sticks to it forever instead of lapsing back into DadStyle. LOVE the competing tweeds and the velvet trim on the jacket.




Zazie Beetz in Isa Boulder (Top) and Orseund Iris (Skirt)

That skirt looks insanely annoying to wear (especially if that choker around her neck is part of it), but we have to respect a gal who refuses to do the “prestige actress” style when she doesn’t have to. We don’t love any of this, but we appreciate it for being bold and fun at a time when everyone else is taking things so seriously.



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