Pop Style Opinionfest: Bono’s Bad Poem and Zelenskyy’s Game-Changing Style

Posted on March 18, 2022

In this week’s podcast we give three snaps up to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for serving up killer lewks! No, not really. Instead, we have a few observations regarding the former comic actor and how he is quietly, but quite shrewdly, re-configuring what a wartime leader looks like and how power is displayed. It’s about relatability and strength working side by side and he’s been doing an amazing job of ruffling feathers and inspiring thirsty wannabes among male world leaders. From Eisenhower jackets to hoodies and joggers, it’s something new and it’s worth unpacking.

NOT worth unpacking, but we’ll do it anyway because we’re so annoyed by it: Nancy Pelosi’s appallingly cringe-worthy moment reading Bono’s appallingly bad poetry.

All of that world leader talk PLUS we have a few things to say about the newly announced Met Gala theme and how it probably signals that Anna Wintour has had it with celebrity bullshit!






We run the gamut from world important topics to totally frivolous ones this week. Thank you for listening, darlings!


[Photo Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/CNP/startrak]

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