LICORICE PIZZA Star Alana Haim Covers W Magazine’s Directors Issue

Posted on March 01, 2022

W Magazine Volume 2, The Directors Issue, on stands on March 8th features star of his film Oscar nominated film, “Licorice Pizza” and one-third of the Grammy nominated band Haim, Alana Haim, directed and photographed by multi-Academy Award nominated director, Paul Thomas Anderston. Now in its fourth iteration, The Directors Issue celebrates some of the greatest and most talked about directors in film this year. Shot in a 1950s ranch-style house, which Anderson owns but does not live in, Anderson’s vision for the shoot was to form a women’s club, “The Annual Balboa Gold Rush and Fashion Bazaar,” featuring Alana with her sisters, Danielle and Este; their mom, Donna; their mom’s best friend, Sarit; Anderson’s eldest daughter, Pearl; and many other friends.



Paul Thomas Anderson discusses his inspiration for the cover shoot “My hobby is looking through old newspapers…I was reading the Valley News from the early 1950s, and I was fascinated by the social section of the paper…I loved the women in the Valley doing their club activities. There were photos of the ladies at a flower show with their prized orchids. There was a group of art students who were chosen as extras for a Hollywood movie. There was a shot of a wedding shower for the daughter of a prominent family. And there were several photographs of fashion shows, usually for charity.”

Alana Haim on how she got her role in Anderson’s, Licorice Pizza“After I worked with Paul a number of times, he mentioned under his breath, ‘I’m going to put you in a movie’… I would have been happy with a PA job!”

Alana Haim recalls the moment she read the script for Licorice Pizza and realized Anderson wrote it with her in mind. “My character’s name is Alana Kane…I immediately freaked out because I was so excited that Paul was using my name. When I read the script, I was in London, and I was so jet-lagged. I called him and gushed about the script. He immediately

asked if I wanted to play Alana Kane. I said yes! And then, after I hung up, I freaked out and said, ‘What did I just get myself into?’ Now I’m here, sitting in this chair!”


Directed & photographed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Story by Lynn Hirschberg, Styled by Sara Moonves.


[Photo Credit: Paul Thomas Anderson/Courtesy of W Magazine]

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